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What are my chances of having HIV from a Human bite?

3 months ago i was with someone from my highschool. I have never really hungout with him but we talked a lot in class and school together. Anyway his girlfriend/ 2 day old fiance broke up with him and he need a friend to talk to. i deside i would pick him up to go get breakfast and talk. We ended up not making it to breakfast because he was sad. So i pulled over and we got in the back so he could cry on my shoulder.
When we got in the back he just wanted to makeout with me. I have never kissed a boy until then and i told him sure but only a kiss. No more than that. I dont feel that way torward him. As we were kissing he pined me down and tried to rape me. i was screaming no and fighting back and eventually he stopped but before that he bite my boob and cut it. His HIV status is unknown to me  but when i went to the doctor for my cut (because it was infected, ike most human bites) they made me get a blood test for HIV and Hep.
The only thing i know about him is he was born in Mexico and that he has had girlfriends before.he told me he was a virgin but i cant just go by his words. Im scared because the doctor told me there is a chance for HIV through saliva. 3 months ago i had that blood test and it came back negitive.
Now i have to get another test because the disease could have not multiplyed enough to get a reading they said. Im so scared of the results. i have to make an appointment soon but any woords of advice to me.
(my birthday is this month and christmas) if anyone has some incouraging words please help.im scared of getting it.
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Sorry to hear for what you went through.

As for the risk assessment, You do not need any HIV test as it was a No Risk activity.

Sexually, only unprotected penetrative anal or vaginal sex pose a risk for HIV and nothing else.

Move on with your life.
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I agree that this is terrible this happened to you.  But HIV is not a concern.  Saliva inactivates the virus because it has enzymes in it and air inactivates it also.  Therefore, a bite would not transmit HIV nor would kissing. Hope you pressed charges.
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Be wise.  No risk.
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