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What are my chances to contract HIV from unprotected oral, protected sex?

I paid a prostitute for sex 3 weeks ago. I received unprotected oral sex for 20 seconds, and protected sex for 10 seconds. I came inside the condom and the condom wasn't broken. She told me she was clean but I don't know if I can trust her. But I became sick on the 14th day mark. I started having a low grade fever and a very mild sore throat. I got a 4th gen HIV test on the 15th day and it came back as negative. But my symptoms are still there now. If it's a cold, it has been 10 days. What's odd about my symptoms is that, I sneeze but I don't have a runny nose. And the fever only comes back every afternoon, then goes away itself before bed time. so it doesn't seem like a typical common cold.

Am I having an acute HIV infection? What are my chances from unprotected oral and protect vaginal?
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You never had any exposure to HIV risk. Just ignore your symptoms, not because of HIV for sure. Move on with your life normally
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Thank you! But if my symptoms is due to an STD, which one is most likely?
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