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What are my chances to stay HIV negative?

Hi am 29 years old. Few weeks ago I was drunk and had unprotected sex with a  lady. After i was sober, i asked her if we could go and test for HIV, i knew mine already(negative) but wanted to make sure she was negative as well. She was so confident and agreed we could do it
We went to a Surgery and had our test done, i was chocked cause she tested positive although she did not know she will be positive, but my test was negative.
I then started to take PeP although it was a bit late(4 days after).
so right now am still on PeP and she has not yet taken any medicine cause it was reported her CD4 tested over 500
Am i dead? do i have any chance to test negative after 3 months? am preparing for the worst but still praying for the best
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Of course you have a chance to test negative, greater chance to test negative then positive.
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Hey kikiken,

I would say you have a very good chance to stay negative. I take it as a fact that she is confirmed positive as she was tested for CD4 - they normally do test that only for the purposes of detecting the time to step in with the treatment, once the individual is confirmed to be positive.

Transmission through unprotected vaginal sex is estimated at the ratio of 1/2000. However, it all depends on multiple factors, most important of which is her viral load (VL). I presume, that was calculated for her as you provided a number for her CD4. The higher viral load - the greater is the transmission risk.

Still, I believe you have significantly  more chances to stay negative then otherwise. I guess, you have a doctor for a medical advice and the best course of action, but please do post the outcome.

Best of luck and hope everything works out for you!
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Thanks am testing today at 12:00 and will keep you posted
Thanks a lot for your input
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Vance, I highly appreciate your input
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i just tested NEGATIVE, this is the 33th day after i got exposed to the virus via unprotected sex and the 4th week i started my PeP.
Can i assume the test as conclusive? have you ever met people who slept with HIV women and not been infected?
Thanks a lot
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28 day DUO test after unprotected sex or after PEP. Or 8 week antibody test.
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vance 28 days after PeP and 33 days after unprotected sex
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its hard to catch hiv from first exposure in hethrosexual

and u took PeP

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