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What are symtoms of of HIV?

I had a unprotected sex with a girl I am concerened about, now its lttle over 90 days, what are some early symtoms of HIV, I have not noticed any flu like symtoms or any type of pain in my body. Does it ever shows any symtoms without testing. I only sometimes sneeze a lot feel like cold  for only for a day or few hours but its type of allergy to me and I am dealing with this all my life, so how can I distigush?


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Respectfully I'm not getting into that because they mirror other issues and it may cause you unnecessary anxiety.
You are past the window period and a negative result now would be conclusive.

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Can you please tell what are some symtoms?
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Unprotected vaginal sex is a risk however "if" she were positive it's not automatic you would become infected.
If you test now it will be conclusive.
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