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What are the chances I've contracted HIV unkowingly?

2 years ago I met up with a guy and we hooked up about 2/3 times within that week where I bottomed twice unprotected. I broke off after realizing he was probably hiding something which I later found out was HIV. 3 weeks later I was bothered by a sore throat and fever. At an Urgent care I was given a test for Rapid Strep and Mononucleosis which both came up negative and left with a diagnosis of Acute pharyngitis, unspecified etiology, and throat pain. Reading up on the stages of HIV now that I'm older and aware of the risks what are the chances I've contracted HIV?
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Yes, certainly unprotected anal / vaginal sex is a risk. However having said that, not everyone necessarily catches the infection from a single or a couple of isolated incidents. I am talking about the contact with a known HIV+ partner. Risk is far lower when the status of the partner is unknown.

Having said that, the risk cannot be ignored or denied. Since it is a two years old exposure, we advise you to get an antibody test (rapid, or any other) done, collect your conclusive report, know your status accurately and move on with your life normally

3 week rapid antibody test is not conclusive, it takes 3 months to be considered accurate. Symptoms are meaningless in most of the cases, more you think about, more you feel em. Many HIV related symptoms are similar to those, due to come common infections and many actually infected people remain symptomatic..,So symptoms are normally confusing and misleading

A test after the specified window period is the only way to know our status, conclusively and accurately if we know that we were exposed to the risk.

Getting tested as early as possible after completion of the window period is always better because in case of the infection, treatment can be started accordingly and progression of the disease is retarded significantly by controlling the viral load in a manageable limit

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