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What are the odds?

I have been majorly stressing out about my HIV status. I had a couple of one night stands back in Oct/Nov of 07 and have not slept with anyone since mid November of 2007. I got tested 2/1/2008 69 days after my last sexual encounter using the Oral Rapid Response test at our local Aids Clinic and tested Negative. How worried should I be about having HIV? I'm about to get married and very stressed about this.
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How worried should you be about HIV? Be very worried of HIV, HIV is very real and anyone can contracted it. HIV is not a guessing game, for you to get a conclusive test result you will need to test 3 months post exposure from your last unprotected anal or vaginal sex.
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Everyone I have ever slept with has tested HIV negative, am I just letting worst case scenario run rampant? Are the statistics I've seen as far as HIV in heterosexual caucasians really as low as they've been stated on here?
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