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What are the risk of being infected??

On January I  slept with a girl of unkown status. I used condoms ,Romance (kissing with her) and inserted my middle finger on her Vaginal.

After 41 hours I started PEP due to delay caused by Dr where one Dr said I don't need PEP and Another Dr (Another hospital) said it was the best for Me to use PEP but I should start at night .

Seven weeks after exposure I experienced some kind ARS symptoms such as
1.Straight line small red rash  and dissappeared  after one day

2.In the end of Eight week I experienced a sore throat but no much sore and kind of headache. And I went to Dr and started using Antibiotics .All the sore and headache dissappeared.

But after finishing Antibiotics ,Kind of Oral thrush appeared and I went back to Dr and said it could be lack of Vitamin C (not oral thrush) and Said to eat more fruits and vegetables juice for two weeks.

What are my Risk?? Is there Anyone who experienced the same and in the end turned to be negative from HIV??

Still am waiting to accomplish 3 month so I can go to test for HIV
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HIV is a sexually transmitted disease. For any risk, you have to insert your penis inside of a vagina or an anus with out condom.

You inserted your middle finger which is not penis, they both are different parts of the body. Therefore, there was no risk for HIV transmission.

Also, kissing and other form of casual contact is not a risk for HIV transmission.

You didn't posses any risk, your symptoms were not specific to HIV. You didn't need to test. PEP was not necessary.
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If you used condom and it didn't break, there was never a risk of HIV. Kissing and fingering are not risks. If they were, we would see literally millions of new cases every single day.

The only ways HIV is spread are:
-Sharing needles to inject drugs.
-Unprotected anal/vaginal penetrations.
-Mother to child.

I don't understand why they gave you PEP, as it should be used only in those cases of realistic risk. PEP can be really toxic !!

But even if you had had a risk, symptoms are never used to diagnose HIV, as they can be confusing and different depending on the person. But for sure, they never show up right the day after the risk. They can take up to several weeks, and actually sometimes, there are no symptoms at all.

All the best.
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