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What do these results mean??

I had an HIV screening done at Planned Parenthood and my results came back as:

HIV 2 Antibody, EIA: NonReactive

HIV 1/2 EIA AB Screen: Repeatedly Reactive (abnormal)

HIV Antibody, HIV 1, Western Blot Interpretation: Negative.

Patient Results: No Bands Detected

When these results were given to me I about fell on the floor. Also, the dr that gave them to me didn't have the best way of telling me. I talked to my PCP and she said that she's never seen results like this before and I came back negative on the Western Blot which is the result that matters but...........what to do now??  

Please, should I be retesting in 3 or 6 months? My daughter just turned 14 months and I had not had sex since she WAY before she was born, I also had HIV testing done when I got pregnant as the normal and nothing came back reactive, all was negative. I did have sex on 06/21 but it was with a friend whom I know is VERY clean.

Please help ease my mind so that I'm not thinking I need to prepare my daughter for a life without me.

Thank you.
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HIV 1/2 AB screen test is the antibody test. The test result you said is reactive means there are antibody found in your system. This test is only for screening and the western blot is the confirmatory test. Your test result indicates that it is negative. In my opinion, you are negative for HIV. You just probably have other virus in your body that is reactive to the antibody test. To confirm these results talk a doctor who specialize in infectious disease or talk to one of the HIV counselor your area. I hope these helps...
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