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What does HIV/ARS rash look like?

Hello. I had a risky exposure recently where I was performing insertive anal and the condom failed. I was drunk so I did not realise until ejaculation. The woman I performed on was risky (needle drug user). I know it’s definitely a risk and I plan to get checked at the appropriate checkpoints.
I know symptoms aren’t a very good indicator but I just wanted to know what ARS rash looks like. 6 days after exposure I noticed these insect bite like marks on my arms - is this too soon? They came in clusters and lines of three (on both forearms, my right shoulder, and a line of 3/4 on my upper back). I then had one or two dotted maximum around elsewhere on my body (nothing on my trunk or abdomen). It’s February and I live in Canada so there’s no chance it would be mosquito bites. I’m now over two weeks post exposure and they’re still here but have faded considerably. I was wondering whether this sounds like HIV rash? It doesn’t look much like the ones I’ve seen online as they are far more widespread and less localized.
I then developed a very feint sore throat on day 8 which I still have now, and a mild persistent headache which comes and goes through the day.
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Too soon for an ARS rash, and an ARS rash will always appear on the torso.  Additionally, ARS rashes don't itch (you didn't mention if yours did or not).
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Thanks for your words. I dont remember it being itchy, maybe very very slightly at the start but not much (if it all). They faded massively within 3/4 days but I can still see a hint with a pointy red center in the places. Mainly on my arms and shoulders but only 3/4 on the side of my back and maybe one at the top of my back. Like I said these are clusters of two or three next to each other, not widespread and spread over the torso and arms like I’ve seen in pictures (maybe 11/12 spots in total). Does the rash sometimes look like individual insect/bed bug bites? And would it usually come without a fever (I’ve measure myself temperature at its 36.1 Celsius).
You're ignoring the other advice and focusing on the itch.  You don't have an ARS rash for multiple reasons.
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