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What is HIV DUO index

I am a doctor and I had an accidental exposure 1 month back in the EMD. I was attending a stab injury who was profusely bleeding and at that time I had a fresh ulcer on my hand as well. I am damn sure I was exposed to the patients blood. I came to know that the person was HIV +ve only after a week through a resident working there and verified it. It was too late to start PEP. I ran HIV tests DUO & HIV RNA PCR.

It says in my report that HIV DUO  by CMIA (iv th generation test) - Non reactive (0.34). (Non reactive  1.0 positive).
I would like a clear answer to this question. What does the index value of HIV test mean or signify..
1.What is that 0.34 mean?
2.What are the components of that index?
3.The exposure was before 4 weeks, so if I test after 2 weeks and there is a raise in my index does that mean that i might be infected?
4.Can stress or any other disease raise cause a raise in the index?
5.My PCR RNA was negative. How reliable is that post 4 weeks of exposure?
I indeed asked a few microbiologists and also referred the internet but did not get a satisfactory reply as they simply say its an index and they dont know what the exact details of it were.
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Both test results were negative.Non-reactive means negative and really that,s all you need to know.It was just an ulcer not an open wound so i doubt you had a risk anyway.What ever happened to wearing disposable gloves,isn,t that and OH and S requirement anyway in all hospitals.If it is still worrying you i,m sure as a doctor that you are aware that the conclusive hiv window period is 3 months post-exposure.All the best.
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i dont think u r a doctor other wise u would have known what a duo is,
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The values are insignificant, all you need to know is whether the test was POS or NEG, yours was negative.

A conclusive result would be at 3 months.

Unless you also had a gaping wound that was fresh and bleeding profusely, you didn't have a risk either, however, follow the guidelines of your hospital's employee health dept and exposure protocol.  
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