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What is going on? Negative or not?

Hi everyone.  Im not doing so good right now.  I thought I was going to be ok when I got my 12 week negative, but unfortunately I am still not comfortable.  I have achy legs that just won't seem to go away, and I am finding these really small red spots on my arms that go away when I press on them and then slowly reappear within seconds.  I have been waiting so long to get this monkey off of my back and try to get back to normal, but now everywhere I look I am seeing that you have to test at 6 months.  I am so confused.  I don't know if I am immunosuppressed or what.  I really am slipping right now.  I didn't want to be one of "those" who just can't let this go.  Please is anyone else going through this?  Is anyone else having achy muscles or anything after testing negative.  What are the conditions that would make you not produce antibodies to hiv?  When can I rest?  This is scaring me.  And to think, I thought I was ready to help others.  Please talk to me people.
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I know how you feel.  I wish I 3 months under my belt. I think youre fine. Try not to worry, I mean, you test - @ 3 months!  As for your weird pains, maybe its just a mental thing.
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Also, Does anyone know if autoimmune diseases are the same as immunodefficiencies like HIV?  If I have an autoimmune disease would that delay the seroconversion?  Someone who know please help.
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I have been asking the same question but no one seems to know. I have come across some publications where primary HIV patients were diagnosed during seroconversion even though they had some auto-immune disorders. No clear data is available. I am in the same boat because I am waiting for the 8 week test and I know I have Vitiligo and probably hypothyroidism (a common AI disorder).
The impression I had from reading stuff is that unless your immune system is highly compromised e.g. IV drug abuse, chemo/radiation therapy, last stage of cancer, thats when your body can't produce antibodies in time. But these common autoimmune disorders like the ones i have mentioned are not serious enough to cause late seroconversion because, people with these common AI's still get fever, cough, diarrhea etc. when they have a cold or flu viral attacks, which means their body immune system is working fine.

just my 2 cents.

Would love to hear some good thoughts about it though.
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my understanding is that AI diseas are bodies over reaction to stimuluses. So for HIV body will react and produce antibodies like others.

Hypo or hyper thyroidisam will not have any effect on anti-body production or seroconversion.

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An autoimmune disease is something when your body's immune system attacks certain part of the body with or without any external stimuli....It is largely a hereditary condition..... Just for your clarification.

I do agree with you a bit that Hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism may or may not delay seroconversion but the truth is people with these conditions have slightly weaker immune system. But again, there is NO DATA (I have checked the medical journal database available to me.) where AI disorders like Hypothyroidism, vitilliog, mellitus or even Rheumatoid arthritis were proved to delay seroconversion. Only major concern apparently, would be a false positive in anti-body testing in case of people with AI disorders. Its a funny story though....the body screws with itself and tries to find remedy to itself....in the process an idiot like me has a high risk exposure.....then the same body completely fu**s up the mind as well. I wish the human body had a self-remedy for anxiety, depression, etc..
Am I making any sense or life is actually over for me????
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Yes you are making sence to me. I dont see any reason within my knoledge for not to belive a test result for u.

Mental condtions are a bit difficult to handile.

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Go to the link below and read page 7.

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Look. You do NOT HAVE HIV. But you do need help--and I mean that in the kindest way possible.

Please, see a therapist. Talking it out can make a world of difference. But keep in mind that you won't have immediate results... I think some people believe that just making the appointment, or just going for one session, is enough to 'cure' you. It's not. Give it time. Honestly, isn't your mental health worth it?

Also, seriously consider asking your doctor about meds for your anxiety. The combination is more effective than either one alone.
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Go and ask an HIV specialist 'what can delay seroconversion?'

The answer that I got was ' Practically, no other condition apart from somebody being in to the last stage of cancer can delay seroconversion'

Maybe the nation where I live is a developing nation however we're medically very advanced. For your assurance go ahead and ask the above question to a specialist and do share the answer that you get from him/her with us.

Brothers, you guys tested NEGATIVE at the 13 / 12 weeks there's no reason to refuse to believe that.

I agree with monkeyflower seek help, it's all in your head !
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I was afraid of this.  It seems you will now be one of those who lives in paralyzing fear until 6 months.  Hopefully, it will stop then.  There are some who are working on a year now.  They all "read something" on the internet about someone not converting for a while, and seize on it.  Rather than seizing on the established medical facts.  

Look.  MF is totally right.  See someone to help deal with your guilt and fear.  Yes, you may need meds, as this HIV obsession sometimes seems to cross over into OCD territory.  With a dash of depression and anxiety mixed in.  Counseling and medication may help you deal with your feelings.

As for your symptoms, seek and ye shall find.  What you look for, your body happily supplies.  Why do you have to have a reason for every ache and pain, every splotch and rash, every bump and bruise?  Sh1t happens.  Weird stuff crops up on people from time to time for no reason.  YOUR problem is that you are still obsessing about HIV, and your mind equates everything with that.  Some people are the same way with cancer obsession.  Some with multiple sclerosis.  Some with ALS.  Go take a gander at each of MedHelps forums. You'll find SCORES of people on each one, convinced they have whatever the topic of the forum is.  

As I type this, I'm sure I could look at myself and find some rashy stuff.  An odd lump or bump here or there.  But my MO is to ignore stuff like that.  Anything important will make itself known eventually.  In the meantime, why ruin my life with worry?  

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I know you guys are right.  I have read that 3 mos is 99% conclusive.  Those are pretty good odds, but still its that 1%.  I just get so confused over the different tests and which one is more accurate.  I have only received a finger ***** with 20 minutes of torturous waiting.  I just want to know that these tests are accurate.  
I hate it that I have ended up in this situation again.  I was fine until I started noticing the "petichiae" (spelling?).  It could have been there all of my life, I don't know but it is jumping out at me now.  And, of course there is the muscle cramps in the calves.  I just don't understand it.  Not horrible pain, just noticible.  Last night was awful as I came across a post where Dr hhh told a guy who was complaining of petichiae that he might just have hiv.  That sent me into a panic.  I feel sick now.  
When all of this first happened, I was so confident that when I got six weeks results, I was finished with this.  Still I had strange symptoms.  So, then I thought no way will I worry about this past 12 weeks.  Well you see where I am and what I am doing.  
Yes I feel guilty as hell; yes I need meds; but mostly I am just terrified.  I can handle going out.  We all have to die of something, but I don't want to lose my family.  And above all, I don't want to pass on something to my wife who's only sin is loving an ass like me.  
Thank you for your concerning words guys.  MF and Peek, you two have always made me feel better and I love ya for it.  Please educate me on how I would know if I was immunosuppressed.  Could the fact that I have had such high anxiety cause me not to produce enough antibodies?  I don't know, I just hate this ****.  I want to let it go.  I just feel like someone has to be the 1%.  
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Being severely immunocompromised is not subtle. YOU WOULD KNOW... you'd be getting chemo, be post-transplant, something like that. But it doesn't matter. You don't have HIV. Period. Of course, I also know that no matter what anyone says, no matter how many times anyone says it, you aren't going to believe it. Unless, of course, they confirm your worst fears. Why do you think that is?

Counseling can help you accept yourself and what happened, and help you move on with your life. You're human. Give yourself a break already. You know you need therapy and meds--go DO something about it. Put as much energy into your mental health as you do obsessing about HIV and feeling guilty.

I'm not going to respond further because I want you to get real help. I wish you the best.
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