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What is the accuracy of Rapid HIV Test with Blood from veins after 5 weeks?

Dear Doctors,
I had open mouth kissing with tongue and unprotected frotting with a sex worker from Thailand in India, and my penis head was definitely totally wet with vaginal fluids. I later had protected vaginal sex with this woman and realised that her vaginal opening was very large, so I started to wonder how far up/inside I actually touched her vagina with my penis head. Normally, I would say that I know when I start to penetrate a woman but this time I feel unsure, particularly since I wonder what effect a large vagina with an almost nonexistent barrier between inside and outside has on the risk of getting HIV even when I only rub my penis between the vaginal lips and at her vaginal opening. The whole rubbing lasted for maximum 20 seconds, she was lying on me and moved back and forth twice, so twice I felt that my penis head got embraced by the soft and wet vaginal lips. Since I felt very uncomfortable I moved her away and asked for sex, but protected. I have read many posts already and can't still make sense of the whole fact that hiv becomes inactive when exposed to air. When I rub my penis in between the vaginal lips and the head is covered with the lips and vaginal fluids, there seems to be no air either, isn't that correct? So potentially there could be a transmission during this one second of vacuum. And I also don't understand how a short and superficial dip into the vagina suddenly poses a risk since 1 second later everything will be exposed to air again. Could you please provide me with some expertise? I now took a Rapid HIV Test here in India, where the staff took blood from my veins in the morning, and in the evening I collected the results, which were non-reactive. This was exactly after five weeks of exposure. What is the accuracy of this test, is it possible to give a percent number? Unfortunately, the written comments of the doctor were not clear as to what was actually tested, if it was only antibodies or also antigen, since he mentions the following in the comment section: "this test is used for screening for hiv-1 and/or hov-2 infection in asymptomatic patients. Negative hiv-1/-2 antigen and antibody screening test results usually indicate absence of Hiv-1 and hiv-32i nfection. Reactive hiv-1/-2 antibody screening test results suggests the presence of hiv-1 and/or hiv-2 infection ...". What does this mean now, was this a general comment on all tests or was he talking about this test, and what did he analyze now, antibody only, or antibody and antigen? Has anyone of you a clue how this could be interpreted?Unfortunately, I cannot contact anyone of this medical institute.
At the same day at night, I immediately made a hiv duo test which costs 60$ approximately, whereas the rapid test cost approximately 15$. So my thinking was that if the duo test which tests antibody and antigen is that expensive then the rapid test will only be an antibody test. Dpes this make sense?

Thank you so much for your help!
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You are not sure if you penetrated her before you used the condom. No one here can know what you did, so you need to test.

A duo test is conclusive after 4 weeks.
Does this mean that you took a $60 duo test? If it doesn't, then just take one now, collect your negative result and move on. "At the same day at night, I immediately made a hiv duo test"

btw, She is the last person I would kiss, because she probably gets every cold, flu, virus etc and that is easy for her to pass those on to those who kiss her.
Since you have read many posts here but believe that frottage and touching is a risk, there is no sense going over it again. " I have read many posts already and can't still make sense of the whole fact that hiv becomes inactive when exposed to air. "
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Thank you very much for the immediate reply!

I did a duo test right when I collected the rapid test results at night because I realised that this might not have been a antibody antigen test. The staff also couldn't tell me, and the comments of the doctor seem to me unclear what he actually analysed in my blood. I will get the duo results this Thursday.

So the rapid test with blood from the veins might have an accuracy of 90% or 95% or 85% after five weeks?

And yes, this was the first and last time I did something like this in a massage parlour. This was so far the biggest emotional torture in my life not knowing if I am infected or not. Never again.
No worries, you did the duo after 4 weeks so it was conclusive. You don't need to test again.
Just noticed that you don't get the results until Thursday. But I wouldn't worry since it's unlikely that you penetrated her. It is odd that the staff couldn't even tell you what test they used.
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