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What is the exposure from potential nics from pubic shaving on the shaft?

I shave my public hair, including that on the shaft.  I shaved shortly prior to sex with a CSW and may have nic'd myself on the lower part of the shaft, about an inch above the base.  There was no active bleeding at the time of intercourse and I wore a condom.  I sat in a chair and she was on top.  When I withdrew after ejaculation, the condom had rolled up a small amount, perhaps 1/2 to an 1",  from the original position at the base.

Am I at risk of HIV infection from micro-tears or nics stemming from shaving in this particular situation?  There seems to be a lot out that there simply stating that micro-tears and cuts on the shaft result in risk when exposed to vaginal fluid in which the nic or cut may have had contact.
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There is no risk from this.  Small cuts from shaving are not going result in the transmission of the very fragile HIV virus.  And only the head of your penis needs to be covered.  So, you had zero risk from this event.  The only way adults get HIV is from unprotected vaginal or anal penetrating sex where the head of the penis is not covered or sharing IV drug needles.  So, you can relax without worry, zero risk.
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Much appreciated.  This has prompted me to go for a full panel work-up tomorrow.  I've had relatively few sexual contacts in my lifetime, but being single at my age (put it this way, I'll likely be fully retired and living somewhere like Florida in 10 or so years) it's not worth any risk whatsoever.  I'm more concerned about being HSV2 positive at this point from any past sexual contacts, although I've never had any signs and I'm very particular about looking for an initial breakout during the appropriate time period after any sexual contact, as well as any bodily aberrations I note.
What has prompted you? The fact is you had zero risk.  Zero risk means you don't need an HIV test.  Since you had zero risk, that means you had 'any risk whatsoever' to use your words.  Your testing is a waste of time and money.  Your time and your money, but we already know the outcome.  You don't have HIV.
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