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What is the percentage I have HIV

Thank you or this site.
I had unprotected sex with a woman I don't know. Stupid? Yes.
I have been stressing everyday about it. Anyway, I don't know
anything about this woman, but if she has HIV, what are my
chances of getting it. The sex was vaginal, and I did not
ejaculate inside her. Moreover, I pulled out way before.
Also, this happened 1 week ago. If I did contract HIV,
how soon would I feel symptoms, and how soon can I get tested.
A lot of questions I know, but I cannot sleep at night. And, it
is all I can think of during the day. Please help.

Thank you for your time.
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Get a 6 weeks test and if that test is negative retest at 3 months for a conclusive test results.
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Chances are you didn't contract HIV because chances are she didn't have it. I would get tested at the 12 week mark post exposure for a conclusive negative result,. Good luck =]
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Thank you for your comments.
If I did contract HIV, how soon would I feel symptoms?
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Not all people that contract HIV have symptoms.
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I have been reading about many different tests.
What test should I ask for?
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Thank you for your answers. I found the slide at the CDC web site that
explained the rapid testing. All I need to do now is hold my breath for
3 to 6 weeks. And, I will be thinking more clearly going forward.

Thanks again. I'll check back after my testing.
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3 week negative test today. I know it is a bit early, but still very happy.
Thank you very much for this site. I have been very stressed, and this
site has helped.
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I have one more week until I can get a 6 week test.
I must say that I'm still very nervous. My throat is sore, and
I get anxious with every ache and pain. I know that it is just
nerves, but cannot help being very nervous. I take my temp
every day, since I know I cannot talk myself into a temp, and
it is always normal. This is going to be a long week....
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anxiety is what you're facing...
get tested at 6 wks for good indicator.
12/13 wks after risky exposure for conclusive result...
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6 week test today. Negative. This is a good sign, yes?
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Yes it is they say 6 weeks is generally 90% accurate, so very little chance of changing at 12 weeks!
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Thank you Mitch. Eventhough 6 weeks is not 100% conclusive,
I am very relieved. I have been so stressed about this horrible mistake.
Today I feel so much better. Thank you again.
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No worries, have a good one!
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