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What is the risk of HIV for a very brief anal penetration

Hello. I had an encounter recently where there was one brief insertion into my anus without condom. As soon As I realized this he pulled out like only one second.  He says he negative and taking Prep. Im still worried however as he won’t talk about it any further. I was wondering the risk here and whether PEP is warranted in this case or not. Thanks so much for your replies
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Your risk is negligible. If you want to get PEP, you should speak to your doctor because only a qualified professional would be able to assess whether you need it or not.

It is unlikely that your partner is giving out false information about his HIV status and also
it is reassuring to know the fact that he is on PrEP. Right course of action from here is to wait for 28 days and get a IV/V Generation HIV test.
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Thank you mike, it really help my anxiety alot I appreciate it. Im trying to calm down and take the advice, some people just say your at risk get tested which is so scary
My doctor diid five mePEP and I took it with in 40 hours just to be on safe side, do you think my prognosis is good
Odds of 1)b  your partner being HIV-positive AND 2) contracting HIV from a one-time encounter are already extraordinarily low, even without PEP.
Thanks very much for the replies. You guys are great and understanding.  I made the hard decision not to take the PEP so that I can test in a normal testing window which would be only 11 days with rna test. I take the chance that its a low level risk plus today the guy I was with said again he was negative to I have decided to believe him. I would rather have the knowledge sooner than later because my typ of mind can handle the uncertainty very well
I'd forgotten that you mentioned it was only a few seconds at most, so that makes the risk even lower, even though they were super low to start with.  For what it's worth, I would have made the same decision you did regarding PEP.
Thanks alot curfew for your help. I appreciate it. So hard to know what to do
This way I can get my rna test next week! Do you guys think being onPEP for a couple of days will mess up the test?
No. Since you got PEP for couple of days, if you decide to take an RNA PCR, take it at the 13/14th day from the date of your exposure.
Awesome. Thanks. I will be taking two rna test one at 13 and a second a week later just to be sure
One is enough at 13 days. Test with a IV / V Generation HIV at 28 days.
No I meant im taking one on saturday at the 9 day mark (normal early window for rna test) and second at 13 day mark so I can have preliminary results roll in first and a follow up to rule outPEP interference. That way I can get data sooner. Cant wait until 13 lol because the test takes like 4 days to get results.
The second test I will take at 14 day so its super solid. My rationale for the 9th day is that a negative result would be fairly reassuring since many say that the rna test is actually sensitive at 7 days to a large degree. So its not 100% but it would be reassuring indeed. If all that makes sense?
You don't need 2 PCR tests. Actually, your risk is low, you don't even need one. It will be a waste of your hard earned money. A duo test at 28 days would be the best option for you. However, it's your money, you decide what you have to do.
Thanks mike. I know your right, but to buy peace of mind its worth the money I guess
I'm not sure you will get peace of mind from an inconclusive test result. Many people test multiple times and are still worried.
I would just take the conclusive duo and not think about the low risk event until you get the result, since there is nothing to do but wait. Try not to think about it. There are other things that carry risk that a person has to ignore every day because it is out of our hands, such as aneurysm or unexpected falling object.
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Hi because there was anal intercourse without a condom you did put yourself at risk for HIV.   A single antibody HIV test is recommended at the 90 day post exposure.

However, from what you describe it is unlikely that you caught HIV from that single exposure.  Try to relax man, you'll be fine.
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Hi. Do you think PEP is advised, or just wait it out. Its very hard to think about
You have limited time to make the decision so should talk to a doctor. Did he say when he tested and which kind of test was done? A duo has a 4 week window so if he didn't have unprotected during that window or afterward, you would be safe, although other tests have longer windows. How much do you trust him?
I guess im mot sure. I just assumed wort case scenario
He said he gets tested monthly due to prep study he is on
You can take a duo after 4 weeks as long as you don't take PEP, in which case you have a window period after stopping it.
I know. I just wasn't sure if im over reacting to do Prep for this event or not. I cannot tell in my mind
Im just freaking out a little now
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