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What is this centaur test?

hello everyone,first thank you for a great job i got some answer that i didnt think i will get them ever.
I have a question about the test that i take it.
I took the test on a private lab and on their forum they said that is 4th gen Eclia combo ag/ab
But on the phone when i ask about the test they told me that the metod used is chemiluminescente centaur test (or something like that) Does a test like that is possible? I know that centaur test is 3 rd generation but i didnt know that eclia can be used with the centaur test.Sorry for my english
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It sounds like its an HIV duo test using a CMIA method instead of ELISA. They are both equally reliable as one another.
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I am sorry. I read that wrong. ECLIA is an electrode chemillumanessance (spelling) immunoassay. It is very similiar to an ELISA.
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so this centaur test is a duo test that can use the eclia? but if it was tested only for ab and not ag it can still work?
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I think the Centaur is 3rd gen and the ECLIA is 4th gen.
This is yet another benefit of testing at 12 weeks. Talk to the lab again and figure out the exact type.

If you had the test at 12 weeks post exposure or over, then there's no need to be worried; either test would be conclusive, but if you had the test under that time-frame, you should be sure which type it was.

All this is relevant if you have actually had a risk, and reading your previous questions, you never seemed to have had one.

Is your current question for a different exposure ? If so, WHEN and WHAT was your exposure and how long after did you get the test ?
No,that one was my single one,but i am confused because on their site it says its eclia combo and when i asked on the phone they say ist electrochemiluminescence on centaur test (or something like that) so i am jus curious if eclia can be combined with centaur test.
The test was taken 10 weeks after exposure and i want to forget but i cant trust the lab that i was because on their site it says something and on the phone another thing

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If your only risk was the one you state in the link above, then you never had a risk and did not require testing.

Centaur, Mentaur, Fentaur.... no difference. Your safe.

Your negative at 10 weeks is proof of that too.
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Your question is a little hard to follow, at some point you say you don't know when you took the condom off or if you had it on.... I just want to say that I said "no risk" ASSUMING you had the condom on DURING INTERCOURSE. The oral sex was no risk. So, just to be clear, for the future, please remember that anal/vaginal intercourse without protection is risky.

Either way, whether you wearing the condom or not ((which I think you were)) your 10 week negative is proof that you are negative.
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Thank you,you are right the fear has got me.i wasnt drunk or on drugs at that time and when the intercourse happend i was too calm and it took 2-3 minutes and after we continued with oral
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if it was unprotected i guess i would know in from the start because i never had sex without condom and i dind't feel a thing or something out of the ordinary...
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