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What the risk of my exposure?


After a lot of reading and self doubt I felt the right thing to do is to ask folks here to help me understand the factual risk of my exposure.

I was visiting BKK, Thailand with some friends for a bachelor party and things escalated quickly and irresponsibly.

We picked up girls at a club (CSW's) on one night and in a completely inebriated state I had unprotected insertive vaginal and oral sex with two of them at the same time. I finished by the hand.

When I came to and realised what I had done, the Internet made me realize the risk I had exposed myself to. I went and got myself a course of PEP at a local clinic and took the first dose 24 hours after exposure.

At the same time, I got those girls to come back and got them both tested for
HIV Rapid Test (4th generation combo Ag/Ab -- BOTH GIRLS NON REACTIVE.
Anti-HBs -- One Positive and One Negative.

After seeing these results I stopped the PEP course after 1 dose, as I didn't want to delay conclusive test results further and didn't want to subject myself to the Side Effects.

This is my first (and last) exposure outside of my monogamous relationship.

I am now back in my home country and I am scheduled for the following testing on the 10th day from exposure:


I also plan on taking a comprehensive STI screen at 30 days post exposure which will include a test for HIV I AND II and the P24 Allergen.

Based on the above.
Please help me by assessing my risk.
How worried should I be.
Am I taking the right course if action.
Do I have to continue worrying about this till the 30 day screening?

Thank you
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Certainly you put yourself at the risk because unprotected anal/vaginal penetration is the sole route of HIV transmission.

Having said that, awareness of HIV is quite high in the cities like Bangkok and in particular among the CSW because of the frequency of their exposures. The test reports of the two girls should also give you some relief, though such tests are not 100% reliable because a single test without the information of previous exposures is not conclusive.

Administration of PEP is done under medical guidance from a qualifies doctor who is much more competent in assessing our true situation based risk. To answer your questions,

- Your risk is there but not very significant.
- Your worries are natural, but stay calm and relaxed because it is believed that your risk is not significant, secondly undue stress and anxiety does not reduce the risk, you were exposed to
- Starting and then stopping PEP, both on your own was not a right course of action. Anyway, since you have already stopped it, do not resume it, because it is ineffective after lapsing 72 hours.
- Not necessary, a PCR test after 10 days of exposure gives you a very good and highly reassuring indication, later to be confirmed by an Antibody test to be done a month after the exposure
Thank you, diver58. Could you please let me know why in your opinion is the risk as described "not very significant". Looking to reassure my mind.
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