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Hello all. I am seeking some advice and hopefully some reassurance...
I have suffered with anxiety for most of my life. i am taking meds for that now but recently i have been worrying about hiv. Looking back i have slept with quite a lot of men some without protection.. stupid i know but whats done is done i suppose. I had a child 3 years ago and as part  of compulsory testing a hiv test was done. It came back negative.. Since i had my son i have slept with about  8 men  (one night things) and am terrified i have got hiv now... i have been feeling ill like a cold and flu sore throat kind of thing..i have  a cough which ive had for about a month which i cant shake off.. i am so frightened. i still see some of the men i slept with (not to have sex)) and am friendly with them.. they have never said anything about infections.. What kind of symptoms would i have had i been infected? i have not lost any weight which i read can be  asymptom? any advice welcome and gretfully received
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3 month test after last exposure will give you a conclusive result. I would also say test for all STD's as well. Always use condoms.
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its not helpfull to discuss symptoms...go and get a test at least 3 months after your last contact.......dont play dangerous games...sex lasts a few minuets hiv lasts a lifetime
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