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When & Is Western plot test conclusive?

Around June the 8th was when I had the 10 second of vaginal sex. I got tested on July the 20th and they were negative.Is that enough time for detection via the western plot test and is it conclusive?
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You have a bunch of threads here and everyone told you to get a duo test, so I don't know why they gave you the western blot. Is this the only test you had done?
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On or about June the  18th I went to one clinic and tested negative but I don't know there testing methods. Five or so days later,I took an oraquick and tested positive. And finally on the 20th I went to another clinic  and she told me today they use western plot. Where can I go to take the Duo? Know one seems to know. Help me.
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Western blot is a confirmatory test for positive results on antibody test.

To help you understand further - Antibodies are your body's immune reaction to fight the presence of alien viral material.  An antibody test looks for those reaction.

Western blots tests are also known as protein immunoblots. These tests are used to detect specific proteins in a sample. The basic technique of a Western blot is to  sort proteins by length on a gel. Then that arrangement is laid out as a grid and it is subjected to antibodies that react to the specific proteins that are being searched for.

In case of Western blots that are used for HIV testing, this process is actually performed in reverse. Normally, in a Western blot test, unknown proteins are being searched for with known antibodies. However, for an HIV Western blot test, lab technicians work with prepared samples of HIV proteins and look to see if there are any antibodies in a person's blood that stick to them.

Undetected bands / Negative result on WB test is Platinum.  If that's negative.  You are Negative.  There is nothing above and beyond for speculation. You do not need any more tests,  this was the mightiest of all.
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You were given a WB test because you tested positive on a rapid test,  which off course was a false poitive,  rapid tests are prone to false positives.  However your Negative WB tests strikes HIV out of the page. You have DEFINITIVELY tested negative.  No more testing needed.
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