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When is hiv test conclusive

is negative  hiv duo combo  p24 antigen test is conclusive after 45 days
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its conclusive and its  a very sensitive test.
My exposure was low like dry humping and grinding the body in undwrwear i ejacuate inside but no sex no kiss no intercourse so for such low risk i can take 45 days as conclusive negative test as conclusive
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Somehow I think you are aware that we are going to tell you that you had nor risk.  Which you didn't.  So, not only was your test conclusive, it was also unnecessary because you will never get HIV this way.  The only ways adults get HIV is from unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing of IV drug needles.  
Ok thanks for information but many sites shows 3 months as conclusive so thats y i am little bit worried do i need to repeat it after 12 weeks or 6 weeks is conclusive

I know my all symptoms ir based on my anxiety i dont know how to deal with it
no need to repeat again because u dont have a risk to start with.
Sorry for asking this is last my kast question after 15 days i took test result was 0.20 non reactive and then today 35 days later i took test result 0.15 eclia method hiv combo + p24 antigen  its shows o.141 non reactive should i be rely on this and move on i know i have been asking this for no resaon i just want a good and final advice from all
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Focus on this . . . NO RISK. Redundant testing questions are unnecessary. You didn't have a risk for HIV, end of story.
Thanks so much guys you are doing a great job god bless everyone who supports here for needy and worried people

I am gonna put end to my worries and will move on from now i have suffered like anything one thing life has tought  me that anxiety stress and depression is worst disease in world it is more dangerous than all

Sorry for my bad english
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