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When you're not worrying about HIV....

What do you like to do with yourselves?
I'm a big fan of playing music, especially jazz guitar. I also love sports and writing.
But my favourite pastime of all is watching people getting clamped. Schadenfreude really does it for me. Ho ho.
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I'm into music too, been playing 2 instruments for a while now, bass and drums. i like football ie soccer for americans :P
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Thought I'd lighten the burden of WWness by changing the subject.

Glad you like rockin' out...my fingers are too small for the bass, but I love playing the drums!
American football...never really fell for it...more of a rugby man:)
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no no, not american football. i meant football as in the english premier league, chelsea, arsenal etc.. :P that football which the americans call it soccer
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i play guitar and "soccer", college student, worried about hiv :(...
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hey byrne...get a freakin' life!
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