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Where is 'Tibault 'Post

Where is Where is 'Tibault 'Post

He stated that he tested negative @ 7 months ,,then postive at 9 months...

Looks like the thread has been deleted..

Can some one comment on this please ,,,,,,

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omggggggggggggggg...HE HAD PROTECTED SEX PPL ! ! ! ! !
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They haven't been using the 6 month guidelines since 2004.


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Calm down OP we arent living in the 80s testing today is real sensitive.. No way he tested negative at 7 months and then positive at 9 months.. I have been here a long time and usually what makes a person post that is because he/she is being ignored due to having a conclusive result but cant deal with that fact they just keep searching and searching its sad but true... Dont be one of those people....
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send a msg to the moderator and ask her why
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This is what drives people into the nuthouse- most experts say seroconversion is concluded at 6-8 weeks and 12 weeks(conclusion)..others even say if there was a high risk test again at 6 months (why???)...now some chap claims to have turned positive at 9 MONTHS?, as much as i want to believe this is BS it cannot be proved not to be.The internet and other research material are all full of wierd stuff...are we being wise by buring our heads in the sand like ostriches?, just what if ..God forbid.. there is some truth in this?If it has been deleated then what else has been deleated? these people who claim this must stand to be interogated.
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Ummm thats probably because what he stated was a lie and he was trying to disrupt the forum.. Dont believe the Hype...
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