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Which blood test is used int the US?

My last risky sexual encounter would be 2-2 and a half months ago. I had an OraQuick rapid HIV test on May 26, which turned up negative. On May 29, I visited my gynecologist and had blood drawn. The blood was sent to the lab and I got my results today, which were also negative. Which blood test was mine likely to be? I live in the US. I hear that ELISA is 95% accurate by 28 days post exposure. Is it likely that my results will change?

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If the lab did a 4th generation test then it is considered conclusive at 28 days or later.

A 3rd generation test is 3 months though experts feel a 2 month neg should not change.

What test you had?
Don't know, call your Dr and ask which one they ordered.
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I will ask. Which is most commonly used? They took blood from my vein if that is any helo
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Sorry I don't know the answer. When they fill the script the Dr will indicate which one. It is mostlikely a 4th generation test being it greatly reduces the window period. 28 days or later for a 4th generation test or 3 months for a 3rd generation test. To surmise is not helpful. You need to contact your Dr or the lab that did the test to get your answer.
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Standard antibody test was most likely done.
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She said it was the antibody test. Would it be likely to change?
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8 week antibody test is not going to change.
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I am planning on taking a Home Access HIV test in the 12th week to double check. Do you have any experience with the test? Would you recommend it?
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