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White Spots/Swollen Nodes..Help?

Would GREATLY Appreciate Any Help if Possible:

I Had Suspected Symptoms of HIV/ARS
http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/297966  ;
Did all the Testing Required.

Had Pharyngitis/Ulcers/Fatigue/Generalised Lymphadenopathy after exposure to HIV+Blood.
The Only Symptoms I didnt Get was "Prolonged" Fevers, just Mild ones and Obvious Rash.
I dont Know if ARS Night Sweats are Drenching or Just Mild like I Had /1-4 Days

At 3-4 months These white dots appeared, unresponsive to 150mg Fluconazole and Miconazole Gel for 1 week. They Are Painless. Along with Severe Fatigue and MORE Gland Swellings.

They Look EXACTLY like this photo iv found on the net of "Koplik spots Photo"

The Same time these appeared I had ulcers and Brown Pigmentation band appear on Gums/(melalinisation) I don't know if thats Important (only reference I could find was addisonianism crisis due to prolonged stress)

They've persisted over 2 months now, they definately were not there before, and they don't look like leukoplakia. (Only Picture I found: http://www.hivkit.co.uk/hivfacts.htm)
or Candidiasis. I May be wrong.
Today: 6 Months Later...EXTREME fatigue has Subsided, Except Slight Continued Malaise and Swollen Posterior Cervical Node (over 3 months) Other Nodes are not Painful anymore. Mouth ulcers, Larger than normal Tonsils and spots.

Any Ideas What these spots are??  
Noone Seems to Know??

Progressive Node Swellings History Sound Familiar at/after ARS?
Do Nodes Go Down By themselves after 3 Months without Medication. The Biggest Reached Marble Size/Cervical Hasnt Full Gone.
Would the WHOLE Chain Usually be Affected???? i.e Neck

I am Putting the Rest of My Symptoms Down to Generalized Anxiety Syndrome and Trying to Move On for the Sake of Loved Ones.

I know Its not the Correct Forum,
Noone on the Other Forums Seems to Have the Knowledge required.

Help would Be Appreciated if Anyone Has Had these Symptoms/Advice
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I think you have CFIDS, just like me.

Ask ur doc for IGA,M, G test and lympocyte panel
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Dude, I read your orignial post, and it make sence, you have the same **** that I had 3 years ago, same symptomes.

Check for this.

Coksoxi (sp) virus 3,4,5
Herpes 6,8

If you were exposed to those recently, than you have  a CFIDS

I think you have CFIDS.

Take following:

Garlic 4000 Mg
Vita C - 1000 Mg
L-Lysine - 1000 MG

See if that helps, if it does, in 3 weeks than you have Active Herpes Virus. Resulting in CFIDS.

You dont have HIV, u tested enough for that.

IN addition

Get your lympocyte checked, panel, Urine test, CD 4 / CD 8 Ratio checked.

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Also, see if your doc will give you Valtrax, expensive but it will help if you have active CMV in your body, causing CFIDS

My Nautropathic doc says, I was too late for that, if I took Valtrex, I would of never developed CFIDS

CFIDS as time progress u can get better or worse ...

Does your Stomach ITCH ? Around the LIver AREA ?
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Thanks, Already Looked into CFS, (See Post)

I have Been taking,

Triple Gingseng
and 500mg Vitamin C
Iron/Liquid Formula

One Dr Said it was CFS, But the Fatigue Has Slowly Dissipated When Glands Went down.

You Need 6 months of Fatigue and Rule Out all other Things Before CFS is Diagnosed.
"Yuppie flu" It used to Be called in UK.
Seems to be Adrenal Burnout Triggered Usually by a Viral Attack.
If It wasnt for the Progressive Gland Swelling, I Wouldnt Have Tested Past 3 Months for HIV.

I Definately Buggered up My Stress Levels/Adrenals/Endocrine System.
No Aches and Pains/Myalgia/ No Itches.

I Have Dx of Non-specific URTi with Post-viral fatigue syndrome

I'm Assuming Hiv anxiety/Depression Has caused GAD, Majority of Symptoms.

Btw No Uk Dr. Will Do CD4/8 ratio Here. Yours are Fine, So You May not Have CFIDS/CFS

Hey, If I go to India,
I will get a Full Body/Health Check!!

(Valtrex, May of Helped, But dosent always, CMV is usually mild in Immunnocompetent Individuals. Don't dwell on that)

For Closure,
I would really like an answer on these spots and gland swellings....Seems I'm not going to find out.


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Generalised Lymphadenopathy..I have that too, even today. That sucks.
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CDFID Has nothing to do with your CD 4/ CD8 ratio. Infect, CFIDS raises your immune system, resulting in hyper active immune system.

I do not know but lot of things can cause lot of problems. Also, all the symptomes listed on CFIDS are not the only one, you may get it different, who knows what type of symptomes you may have , everyone has different one.

Yes, you are correct, adneral glands are not working properly in us, but inorder to make that happen, we have to work at it.

On your medicine list, I do not see.

L-Lysine 1000 MG

Lysine is very important, since your body does not have it and it suppress many form of herpes virus.


P.S. Do u have ear pain ?

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