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White Tongue, Uncomfortable Neck and Joint Pain

Hi Dr,

What your suggestion for me to make another test? I've done syphilis (negative), herpes (negative), gonnorhea (unknown), HIV use Rapid Test (negative). All done at 9 week after the exposure. Which is oral, kissing and  unprotected vaginal insertion.

Here I list down my symptom :
1. One day after the exposure, I got white tongue until today. Also its sometimes so rough at the surface. I'm a heavy smoker.

2. My digestion seem not really well. But no diarrhea or nausea. My appetite is good. In before my poop most of the time is hard but in this 9 week sometimes its like not normal.  

3. 3 week after exposure (sore throat & fever for 2 days then continue with flu 1 week). 3 boil appear at my arm. My neck feel uncomfortable until today. At that time my neck become tight. And until today not make me comfortable. Idk if effect from my action of brushing tongue too hard. I dont know if this is lump or swell.

4. 4 week after exposure. Two unknown blister appear at my right hand. Some red dot appear at my chest. To be exact around 6 of dot and now they're gone but I can see the mark. Just red dot, not like acne.

5. At 7 week exposure, my knee feel hurt sometimes (1-2 hours) and there are on and off hot feel at my neck and forehead.

Can you help me? Which test should I take again? I believe HIV results is count as conclusive at this time. I will take another test on 12 week as suggested. What your opinion? Is it just an anxiety symptom or anemia symptom?
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In your previous post you were advised that symptoms are not used to diagnose so that answer can't change.
Then what is this symptom come from???
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