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White tongue, Thrush?

Since I can't seem to find the answer to this, and it seems that when it is asked, it gets brushed off like it doesn't matter, I'm gonna ask it. Is Thrush a symptom of ARS? Or is it something that happens later into an hiv  infection? I just wish to get a straight answer about this.
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I believe when you get thrush, you get sores underneath and around the white stuff, so I would think it would hurt to scrape it off. White coating on the tongue can be quite normal, and if it were fungal thrush, you would probably would of probably be complaining about a lot more for sure, ESPECIALLY if it were ARS ;)
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So does it then coat like the whole tongue or just patches? Also it would be around on sides and top of mouth I assume as well? Also if it were ARS it wouldn't be hitting at 9 days post exposure correct?
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9 days post exposure would be to soon. I believe the earliest ARS can occur is 14 days. And yes, it would be more patchy. If it's just a white coat on your tongue and nothing else, it's nothing to be concerned about. You can brush it off with your toothbrush usually. It may come back of course or not go away even then, but that's not really a concern.

I have run into a problem like this before, and had the same fear, only to come out negative, and I don't have any fungus or infections in my mouth, either. This was quite a long time ago for me, and I've had more testing done since then, and to this day I'm still negative.
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Wait, Thrush you can brush off with your toothbrush? Or do you mean the normal coating on your tongue? After being so paranoid the last week or so I brushed my tongue a lot with my toothbrush, and then used mouth wash each time. Now a few spots are a little bit redder and sore now. But I assume its due to all the brushing, and running my teeth over my tongue checking for any little problems.
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I think you can brush off both. But I would expect pain of some form on your tongue.

Looking at pictures of thrush, the inner area of the tongue is usually red where it isn't covered with the yeast. You would definitely notice it being a different color. That could also be confused with geographic tongue.

If you do have thrush with ARS, I would think that it would be more than just thrush you would be experiencing and having complaints about, and they would be more than just mild.

Just look at this tongue here: http://www.medhelp.org/user_photos/show/159241
That is my tongue. I have geographic tongue and the annoying white coating alot. But yet, I'm HIV negative and STD free, and I do not have thrush.
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Just go and see your dermatologist or oral surgeon to rule out OHL which is exclusively found in people with hiv.
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OHL usually appears on the side of the tongue and is not something with ARS, you would have to be infected for a bit of time before that happened, and I know I am negative since I had a negative test earlier this year.  
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It's not HIV exclusive, but it is found in HIV patients in particular. It can affect anyone who has a compromised immune system that is susceptible to the Epstein-Barr virus.

If the immune system was severely compromised as well, and if what was happening to link2344 was in fact Oral Hairy Leukoplakia, there would be more than just a white tongue going on for sure.
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My risk is considered no risk, but alas I still have paranoia and OCD about the issue, I am told no risk at all, but it makes me a feel a lot better that anything ARS wouldn't happen yet, I guess the tongue was just an over reaction, and my throat starting to be a bit sore is due to my allergies and temperature change of the season.
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