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White tongue-To Teak

Is white furry tongue or may be thrush is a primary symptom of hiv infection?
What is the percentage?
Have you seen this in new hiv infections??
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thrush is present in later stages of HIV.

Try brushing your tongue with a toothbrush and toothpaste. I bet it will go away. Its called PLAQUE.
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I had the same problem...I found just brushing my tongue took away most of it.  There is still some whiteness in the back but from what i understand a little whiteness is normal.
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no it is not plaque ..........plaque this is what you see in the morning after waking up.
Mine is complete white furry tongue with white pin like dots on it and when i brush it i can scrap some part of it but not all.after 2 hours it is again completely coated.is it OHL???????/
I am using good brushing with tongue cleaner and mouth wash but it is not going........
Now i am completely lost with this and just wondering what is this.
is it a sign of ARS??
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I have this too.
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do not have courage to go to a doc.  before my 16 week test
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Stop looking at it, and stop attacking it with toothbrushes and cleansers.  It will make it worse.

If you are really bothered, go show it to a dentist.  
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if he asks for a hiv test then...
this is risky.....
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7 days left
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I didn't say go to a doctor.  I said, if your furry white tongue bothers you, get your @ss to a DENTIST and ASK what is wrong with it.  
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You are a psycho, you need mental help, you don't have HIV, who in the earth has told you about 16 week's window?

12 wee'ks conclusive and you don't have the virus.

See a psychiatrist
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mike I had a 11 week(not 12) test you know 77 days hiv ag/ab and p24 combo test.I do not know the sensivity about this test. is this elisa??
Just can not move on now@77 days........:=((
16 weeks I am opting because the only I can go to the test center.
sorry for the trouble
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OMG, you had a IV generation test, the best antibody test and my guess is you got it from metropolis, right ?
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It was in India at a reputed testing lab.
I can not say it was third or fourth gen because nothing was mentioned as automated CMIA so this was third generation I think??

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I know where you got this test from and for your information it's the IV gen antibody test.
1. you had protected sex, no risk
2. 11 weeks IV gen test negative = conclusively HIV negative.
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BTW, at 6 week and + , generation of tests doesn't matter.
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Thanks Mike,
Actually I do live in Mumbai but taken the test in Dr lal pathlabs Delhi.
what is the diff. between duo and combo test.
see below
"Dear Enquirer,
HIV Duo test gives reliable results between two to six weeks of exposure as it detects the p24 antigen which is present during that period. This test gives an indication of the presence of the virus, it needs to be confirmed by antibody tests after three months."

11 weeks was not a good time??
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It is the same thing, it's a duo test which detects the p24 antigen and antibodies simultaneously, you need to understand that you don't have HIV and you've got the best test that money van buy.

Please seek mental help, HIV is not your problem.
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I have seen a graph where I have seen that during ARS also the CD4 cells drops down to a level and then fights back.
This symptom can also be there during this LOW CD4 stage???
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white tongue is cause by anxiety, depression and stress, its not an HIV symptoms, its more when you develop in Aids stages, when your immune system is really supress and can't fight HIV any more.
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you need some counseling for your HIV fears and anxieties. Please, stop the fears, and get to the level of real life. Stress causes many thing such as white tongue, dry mouth, etc....I had them all. I had all the symptoms, from fever, to white tongue, to diarrhea, muscle aching, etc...symptoms don't mean anything, if you're not sure of your HIV status, take a 3 month hiv test.
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First and foremost, you were condom protected, you never had a risk.
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Thanks Mike
I pray for the same!!
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What is this? "white tongue is cause by anxiety, depression and stress, its not an HIV symptoms, its more when you develop in Aids stages, when your immune system is really supress and can't fight HIV any more."

Anyone can have a white tongue hiv- or positive. Thrush is not specific to HIV, any one can have thrush, positive or negative for HIV.
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so white tongue is not caused by anxiety, depression and stress.
man I can not get out of this.....................
Teak have you seen of getting thrush in new hiv infections as a symptom.
Now I think we all are only living on chances or luck....
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