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White tounge after 5 months negative test

I tested negative at 1 ,2 ,3 ,5 months post exposure , and for all STD as well .. I know its conclusive after 3 months post possible exposure , however the fact that I tested in a developing country make me doupt the test result , because I live in africa where I got my tests .. I have a white tounge which might be oral thrush .. Could the tests results I received not accurate ?
Another issue , the number in the test changes every time I got it non reactive 0.05 and then non reactive 0.10 ? !!
Thank you
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Your test after 3 months is 100% conclusive. You don't have HIV. Number doesn't matter as long as your result is non-reactive. Please see your doctor if you have any health issues and they are not at all related to HIV.
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So you dont think in developing countries like where I live tests are not accurate ?

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What was your exposure? If it was condom vaginal/anal  sex you had no risk.
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You've tested conclusively negative. You do not have HIV.
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It was vaginal sex with condom but condom broke and oral too .. Iam afraid that results might be false negative as I done tests in labs that seems to be not well developed .
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Your test was conclusive.
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Yes you are right teak however.the fact I tested in untrusted labs in developing country make me.think.again , could the result be false negative ?
Appreciate your replies
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No it couldn't. Accept your negative result and move along.
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Thanks for your advise teak , I wanna share this experience with you , when I done the 2 months test , waiting for the result so stressed , I open the aite of the lab where I find the result , I saw my name and result as follow .. HIV antibody test : authenticated . I didnt know the meaning of authenticated as english is not my native language , I opened dictionary and translated the word , the word means confirmed , I though that the test is confirmed to be positive ..... I was shocked , I though about my family my friends I took alook to my whole life as it ll be destroyed , I didnt cry but I felt fear , fear that I never felt before ... I lost control for 1 hour befor I open the file.itself and view the result to be non_reactive .. I dont know but I wanted to share this with all of you and you too teak .. This experience was the reason to help me stop smoking , take care of my health and appreciate life ........... TEAK I was following your posts when I was stressed about that issue , you helped me alot , dont stop what you doing .. I am proud to be one of community members .
Thank you all
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