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Why Don't I have HIV?

My husband and I were married in Nov. of 2006.  We had unprotected sex in the months of Nov, Dec, Jan and Feb.  I had an HIV test in Jan.  It was Neg.  We decided to start using condoms to prevent pregnancy.  We did not have unprotected sex in the months of Feb, March, April, May and mid June.

In mid June, the condom broke and I rushed in to the clinic for a morning after pill.  I got on the nuva ring and thereafter had unprotecd sex approx 10 times through the end of June through July 10.  

My husband recently tested pos (on Friday the 13th, last week,)  

I tested neg again on Monday.  .  

Why don't I have hiv?

When can I find out?  I have a sore throat, a cough...a summer cold, I guess.  

Should I start treatment now to narrow the risk of infection or is it way too late for that?

If I test positive a few weeks from now, is it safe to assume that it was aquired between the two us after April? He got a tattoo in April.   I don't want to beleive that he had an affair, but I also don't want to stay with a man who would put our family in that kind of danger.  I just wish there were a way to know iwhen he got it.  I am angry.

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Have you asked him yet?

Anyways, HIV (subtype B, at least, in the US) is a relatively difficult virus to catch via heterosexual sex. Dr Triple H (the doctor here, not the wrestler), grandmaster of all things HIV, will quote you a 1/1000 odds of getting it via a 1 time exposure....multiply that by 10 and you get 1/100. So it's not too difficult to see from that point of view. Anyways, it is too late to start PEP. Test 12 weeks after your last unprotected exposure to him to get your conclusive serostatus result. I would be angry too.

Best of luck to you, Miracle...oh ya, by the way, someone else had a similar story and she posted a negative result...
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Ya ive been reading alot lately! and im nowhere near advanced as some people on here about there hiv knowledge but i would imagen ur husband got hiv probably before he tested and why would he be testing if you were his only partner and he knew that you were negative! I would assume if i was you that it would have been a month or so prior to his test! I dont know if that helps but its just an assumption!
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Oh, ya, if you can't wait to 12 (NO ONE can, of course)...the venerable H3 will tell you that 6 weeks post exposure is extremely reliable (and he says he's never seen someone test neg 6-8 weeks post exposure then switch to positive).

Good luck you.
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That is love, to be with a known HIV person, this is my fear in life. THat I will never be able to find true love.
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<----shaking his head.

BD, this person has a true worry. Have you no compassion?
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What are you talking about, I was serious. She must love this person to sleep with him if he has HIV. I wish her the best of luck, but how many of us have someone like her in our lives? None if any, I'm going to die lonely and depressed.
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