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Why do I feel that It's HIV - Runny / Stuffy Nose / Ear Pain

For last 3 days my symptoms are getting worse, it all started with ear pain, then stuffy nose, than runny nose, than headaches, then pain in the rib cage  on both side, then pain on the kidneys on the right hand side, and know the watery eyes, when I blow my nose.

Usually, I get better in 3 days or so, this is over 3 days. It seems like immune system is losing the battle...

I am just concern, how can I tell my family members, how do I tell them ?

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Seriously, you are over-reacting here.  Its summer.  Its allergy season.

If you are having pain in your kidneys, you need to follow up on that with a doctor.

HIV wouldn't cause any of these symptoms.

And really - how many days is it?  You say its over 3 - is it 4?  7?  10?

If you aren't getting better, see your doctor.

And please, keep your posts to one thread.  It makes it so much easier for us to keep up with.

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Sorry, auntiejessi, i take your advice seriously.

What concerns me so much is that, I get night sweats at night.

It's been about 3 days now.

But, doesn't OI of HIV cause infection.

sorry, just very concern how did I get infected from non - low risk exposure.

You had mention it several times that HIV is not possible, is the judgment based on the risk or anyone can get infected any way. Does it matter who it was ? My was with a CSW. I know, have no idea what  I was thinking.
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"...doesn't OI of HIV cause infection" - I'm not sure what this means - oral intercourse, opportunistic infection...?

In any case, my statement is based on symptoms and risk.  You had oral sex.  I'm assuming you received it.  This is NO RISK for HIV.  Even if you gave it, the risk is very very very low.  This is true whether she had HIV or not.

If you did get HIV (and this is hypothetical, I am NOT saying you got HIV), you've only had it a few months.  You don't start getting sick from HIV for years.

But why wouldn't you just go test before starting to worry about how to tell people?


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I am from a very strict religion. I meant Opportunity Infection.

To be assure, these don't sound like ARS symptoms ? and you don't think they are Opportunity Infection ?

I called my doctor today....

I got Hep B & Hep C test done over the weekend after I get the results I will go for HIv test some where end of aug, because thats when it's 13 week.

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You aren't at ANY risk for hep c.  That's only found in blood, so unless you had some contact with her blood, and her blood somehow made it to your bloodstream, you aren't at any risk for hep c.

Honestly, I think what you are dealing with here is guilt.

If the end of this month marks 13 weeks, you are already too late for ARS.  ARS also doesn't produce stuffy noses, kidney pains, etc.

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I never asked if I was at risk for Hep C... Yes, this is my 9th week of the exposure.

Well the symptoms started about 2 or 3 weeks ago but know it has really hit me.

No not dealing with guilt, just the symptoms that are concerning.

Well, as you had said that I wasn't risk for HIV... I will take the advice and get tested in few weeks.

Hope your right.
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The symptoms are concerning, but not for HIV.  Any and all kidney pain should be checked out and evaluated by a doctor.

You should also see your doctor if your cold symptoms aren't getting better.  That wouldn't mean you had HIV, though.

Have you been tested yet?  95% of people will show positive by the end of the second month, so go ahead and test now if you want.

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No have not tested ,I don't have the balls to test for HIV at this point, cause i really feel that I am infected.

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OK look.  You really should test.  You had oral sex.  The risks are SO LOW that you got it - and I am saying so low because you haven't said if you received or gave the oral sex.  If you received it, its NO RISK.

You need to go test.  There is absolutely no sense in sitting around worrying about how you are going to tell your family, etc., when you don't even know you have it.  Can you see that this isn't all that logical?

In any case, you need to be evaluated by your doctor for these symptoms you have.  If you have kidney issues that aren't treated, you could have some urinary tract damage that might be permanent.

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I thought I had mention that I had Received oral sex, not gave. I am seen  a doctor and he keeps telling me that its my allergies, says we will do a test later on since I already had good amount of test run on me over the weekend, says it may raised a red flag with the insurance companies.

Can you tell me what are small little white bumps that itch all over the place are ???? I get them on my arm alot.

Sorry, if I had not mention that earlier.
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I have no idea what that is on your arm.  Might be allergy related - I don't know.  Its not an std, though.

If you did say it earlier, I apologize.

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So your pretty sure that its not HIV or it can't be ?
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