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Why do my test show negative yet I have symptoms

First thing first I am not panicking or having symptoms due to anxiety
Three months ago I had sex with two different lady on both occasions condom broke. About three weeks later I fell sick. Like serious a serious fever. Severe headache and at a point my sight was blur ,With night sweats even to the point my sister was asking what’s wrong, most mornings I had cold, like air in my lungs and all despite how sweaty I am at the time. Had serious diarrhea for two days, even saw blood in my stool. Few days later I had rash on my shoulders and then on my back as well, the rashes disappeared after five days. I was taking pills on pills. I even had to go for an HIv test it came out negative(finger prick rapid test)
All the fever and all stopped. I also had severe muscle pains and sometimes my joint hurts like hell. Week 8 or so after exposure I started feeling pains all over my neck for about a week plus and then out of no where a node appeared on either side of the neck.
Sorry I didn’t mention I had cough for over two months, I took a lot of drugs for it.
  I also did all STI test during the period yet it was all negative. All these symptoms I mentioned stopped except  multiple mouth ulsers that comes and goes. Leaving sores sometimes, and I have mild fever every now and then.
After the 3 months Mark I did a combo antigen/antibody Hiv 1&2 and it came out negative. Most lab scientists seem not to know much about these HIV test kit here in NIgeria.
So I felt professionals could help, can I completely rule out HIV or is there a difinite test that can completely rule out HIv( like totally rule it out)without having to wait another 3 months. So I know if something else is wrong with me as I am tired of taking pills for one ailment to another.
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I also experience high dehydration occasionally even a drum of water can’t cure. And my tongue is terribly white like never before with spots on it.
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Tests really don't lie.  And symptoms are not used to diagnose HIV.  The reason is that those same symptoms happen for MANY other reasons. At the three month mark your HIV test was conclusive.  A condom breaking IS a risk, but one or two times of this happening is a very low risk, less than 2 percent chance.  Keep that in mind.  Get a physical to talk about the symptoms but they are not due to HIV.  
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I am back here. Still have the rashes all over my arms and back. Doesn’t itch, and the mouth sores. As well as I feel cold like I am having pneumonia every now and then. Doctors said I should test after 6months(seems the 6months window period is what is used here in Africa ).  My question is how’s the 6months calculated? Is it 24 weeks. Which sums up to 168 days or so. Someone should please help me out.
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Your negative at 3 months with a IV Generationnof HIV test rules out HIV infection. You don't need any further testing.

6 months is outdated information, the guidelines are conservative given the epidemiology in your continent. However, if we stick to the science of window period it can't be varied for different region.

Your symptoms are unrelated to HIV, please see a GP for your ailments. You don't need any further testing.
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