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Why does the US have such a large AIDS problem?

Compared to other industrialized countries, like Australia and Europe, why does the US have so many new HIV cases, they predict 40,000 new cases this year!

What is wrong with our country?
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301,000,000 million ppl! thats actually not that high! If u consider all those that inject drugs and then have sex with other people. Take away those people from the 40,000, i would say that would leave like 25,000ppl? then take away gay anal sex, its not that high really?! in consideration to everything else! It still sucks...really really sucks. But its something like 0.000045% of the population! Alsoooo that doesnt included the growth rate of the american population...cause 40,000 over the yr, well over the year the american population goes up too! so it would be even less!
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Europe is not a country.  
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my exposure was in Europe.....and I will tell you its everywhere.....
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sheer number of population, I guess.
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Plenty of "gay culture"
Plenty of drugs.
Plenty of poverty.
It's simple math....
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I can not believe there are so many myths circulating in the world -

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I meant that "HIV does not cause AIDS" is a myth. This guy is doing so much damage to HIV/AIDS campaign. I hope his frustration continues.
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Ahhh, the denialists are making a comeback.
Thanks to the information superhighway...
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The US does not have 40,000 new cases of AIDS each year, it's HIV. Big difference..
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Plenty of young heterosexuals that don't think they can contract HIV and don't use protection.
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