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Why is there so many affected people in the world?

You guys say that the HIV is very difficult to transmit. And there is no risk at all if you use a condom. Even without a condom the risk is 1 in 2000. Hand to vagina masturbation is no risk. ...Sound like there should be very few people in the world that has HIV. But as a matter of fact, there are 40 million people affected with HIV world wide. How do you explain that?  
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Someone has been living under a rock for a while. (JOKE)
Anyways....maybe in a nut shell I can answer this.

For the MOST part, and someone can correct me if I am wrong,  the continent of Africa, has the largest and highest of HIV infection.  Mostly due to hetero infections rate.  Why?  Well, in all reality, many of those who have HIV, have mutiple partners, have another STI (which enhances the transmission of HIV), and (3) the belief that HIV can be "rid of" by having sex with a virgin in their society has yet to be overcome. The denial is not just a river in Egypt,.....but since DeNial does exist in Africa, most people (lack of HIV knowledge) think that ridding themselves of HIV is common through having sex with a virgin ...believe it or not.   No less, the lack of testing, and other variables are other reasons to the mass expansion of this pandemic.

Did that answer the question?
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can anyone please answer this question? I have had 3 sexual encounters with sex worker, all with condoms. The girls all looked clean and young. In one of the sexes, the condoms slipped off but still inside her vagina. I found out immediately(I think) and I changed a new condom and finished the vagina sex. I am a little worried but I started feeling better when come across this website. Everyone here believes condom sex is safe sex even your partner is HIV positive. But what do not understand is, why there is so many affected people out there? Please give me some insight.
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thanks for your answer. So, you are saying in U.S. there is much less population of HIV infected. But how are they affected? are they all get it from unprotected Sex?
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I cannot and will not get into that debate...not now,...not tonight.
The truth of the reality is that ANYONE can get HIV.
Gay, straight, drug-user, Soccer mom, Lawyer, Teacher, etc.....  GET IT?

Anyways...the fact remains.....an unprotected sex encounter is just that....unprotected.
If you are not in a monogomous relationship, and you do not know the HIV status of your partner, and you have unprotected sex, one should get tested.

Is that clear?
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thanks for your answers, have a nice weekend.
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Very pertinent and comprehensive answers from Chris and Brian.  Just ONE contact is enough to get the infection, provided necessary conditions of transmission exist. The so called "probability ratios"  (like 1 out of 2000 etc etc.) are for reference only. It certainly does not mean that you need to have 2000 acts of sexual intercourses to get the virus in final 2000th episode and remain clean until the end of 1999th.

Bottom line is, be smart, better to remain committed, abstain from sexual contact with high risk group like CSW's and if absolutely unavoidable, use protection, Period
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