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Why there is no details for symptoms?

As someone who is seeking HIV symptoms 5hours / day .. i'm sick of finding insufficent details in symptoms..  This makes people go paranoid.

1)Rapid weight loss : How much?

2)Dry cough : How rapid ? Everyone may cough once or twice a day

3)Recurring fever or profuse night sweats : Howmuch fever? howlong shall it last?

4)Profound and unexplained fatigue : God sake.. i feel fatigue everyday after work... What is the degree of fatigue?

5)Swollen lymph glands in the armpits, groin, or neck : One swollen gland is a symptom? How long shall they stay swollen to be caused by HIV? One day? One week? Any pain ? Size?

6)White spots or unusual blemishes on the tongue, in the mouth, or in the throat :
FFS everyone who smokes gets a white hair like white things in their tongue.. Yet what is the details of those White spots or mouth ulcers.. how long shall they last? Howmany?

7)Rash: What do you mean by rash? .. how many? which color? Itching spots means rash?

8) Pain in muscles & Joints : How much pain ? What kind of pain.. constant or flashing? How is the pain feels like .. pain along the muscle or just on a small spot?

I would be glad if you can answer those questions; the regular symptom check list is made for making people paranoid
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Don't look for symptoms 5 hrs. per day. HIV has no specific symptoms and not all people have ARS when they are infected. If you test positive then you'll know the answers to all the above questions you asked.
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