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Wierd cough....hiv?

It's been four month scince i was possibly exposed to hiv/hep-c through a needle stick. As some of you know i've posted this info before, but this week i'm experiencing a cough that began as chest congestion then moved up my throat and has made my voice raspy and turned into a cough. I've tested negative twice, once at about a month after pos expossure and then again at 11.5 weeks (85 days). Can someone give me some advice on this. Coughs are in the Aids category, not hiv category of symptoms. I'm very worried as i've noticed a mole on my arm change from flat to a bumpy texture consistent withskin cancers. I will be getting a Doctors opinion on that. Maybe i have something to be worried about....
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persistant cough.
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Also the soreness goes up to my ears.
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You were never at risk. Seek help through a mental health professional.
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again i will say this...

this is a hiv forum.  your symptoms have NOTHING...hear me...NOTHING...to do with hiv.  please stop posting every time you have another so called symptom.

we are not diagnosticians here...but sounds to me like a freaking chest cold.   ever thought about that?

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I don't understand how you can say i was never at risk Teak, it was a needle stick injury from an iv drug user that i came in contact with.... Thats the highest risk on the hiv totem pole my friend. I'm concerned, i'malso in tune with my body and know that some drastic changes have taken place over the past four months or so. People/Doctors keep write off my symptoms as anxiety/depression which i admit plays apart, but i can't believe that it's the sum of everything that i've gone through. This forum is all some of us have to go to for advice during difficult times like these, however i've noticed some dissapointingly harsh and insensative exchanges/responses taking place on ocassion. Hiv is a difficult subject, one that in most cases can not be even broched by even your closest friend/family member, ect. My girlfriend broke up with me soon after i told her what happened to me. She came to the police station, saw the needle stick scar and became very alarmed that i was going to contract hiv. She offered me basicaly no support and has moved on, which is fine. I don't think that any serious question or request for advice should be dismissed. Lizzy i've thought that it was maybe a chest cold, but there are no sniffles/runny nose. My mouth has been very dry as of late/ it started in my chest and moved upwards into my throat. This is not ARS symptoms?
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Did your so called needle stick, stick you in a vein? Didn't think so. You didn't have a risk. Your symptoms have nothing to do with HIV. If your symptoms concern you, see a doctor.
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