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Will I test positive any time now?

I had an high risk sexual encounter 5 1/2 months ago. I just had an antibody test done last week at 21 weeks= Neg. I am convinced I have HIV because I have had thrush since about 2 weeks, along with other crazy symptoms such as numbness in legs, a strange skin rash, night sweats, fatigue, insomnia and a general ill feeling. after the incident and I have no other reason to have thrush. I took Nystatin for 2 weeks but the thrush did not go away, when I wake up and my tongue is white and patchy. I was immunosuppresed at time of exposure. As I had just had a CBC and my lymphocytes were at 13 where the normal range is 18-34. I am expecting to test positve any day now. I plan to go at 24 weeks- 6 months and maybe having a PCR test.
Could my test have been a false neg (such as lab error)?
At what point can I be done with this. I have read of people testing past 6 months such as a nurse who tested at 8 months. I am going mad... who do I trust.....
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You had a conclusive negative result...3 months is conclsuive. You were immunosuppresed at the time of exposure...ok I doubt it and it does not matter at the time of exposure it is the time of testing when it matters, but please tell me how you were immunosuppresed.

If you can not accept this fact then seek a therapist.
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well i know i was low on my lymphocyte count becasue 13 is low out of a range of 18-34. and I was under Extreme stress on top of that I had the flu all around the same time. How immunosuppresed would someone have to be to delay the antibody response? Why do some sites state a conclusive test is 6 months or longer?
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Because some sites are a joke. 3 months has been standard by the CDC, FDA and manufacture of the tests for several years now.

How immunesuppresed...are you undergoing chemyo? Or had an organ replaced where you are on anti-rejection drugs? if not then your immune was not suppressed that could delay the results.
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I am not undergoing chemo, organ transplant or anything major. I do test positive for TB on a skin test so TB is dormant in my body. And I was very stressed and sick with the flu all around that time. My poor body just was fighting so much off.

I understand most sites state 3 months as conclusive but many do state 6 months as 100%.

Do you know If I could have had false negatives on the 12 week and the 5 month test (lab and human errors) Have you ever heard of false neg?  

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No false negatives do not exist when testing in the correct time frame which you have done.

Either accept your negative result or seek a therapist to help you.
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I do not need a therapist I am concerned because of my symptoms which are real not anxiety driven. That said. I am just wanting a solid answer because even on "the body" which I consider a very good site, Dr.s have stated that the 3 month window applies to most people but they suggest testing out to after 6 months of initial exposure to be certain. Now on medhelp I see everyone feels 3 months is the cut off. So i am just mad over these testing time frames and wish I could take my negative results and rejoice but I feel compelled to test out past 6 months to be certain. I am sick of this emotional roller coaster...I was ready to kill myself before I even started testing since all these symptoms are so bizarre. Not to mention that every time I type oral thrush in search...what do you know HIV is always the culprit. If I test out Negative past the 6 month mark I will be thinking I have been given a second chance at life. What a miracle....
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