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Will sore throat be HIV symptoms?

Hello doctor,

Recently I did the most stupid thing that ever happened in my life. I visited a CSW in Hong Kong when I was drunk. I had a brief unprotected oral sex with the prostitute (last for 1-2 mins) and then we had protected vaginal sex (5-6 mins). I did not ejiculate into her mouth or during the vaginal sex. The condom did not break or lose off during sex. The prostitue took off the condom and helped me madturbate after 3mins sex . Then she put another new condom on me and the intercourse continued for another 2-3 mins. Finally. she helped me masturbate by her hands in the last 5 mins. ( I could not ejiculate and then left because I felt guilty).

I have read through the forum and found that my exposure to STDs and HIV is essentially low. There isn't any observable symptoms on my genital area so far (7 days since I visited the CSW). However, I have a mild sore throat today (which feels exactly the same as the sore throat i got in the early stage of cold). Could it be symptoms of HIV? Since I read on the internet that sore throat can be one of the symptoms in early stage of getting AIDS. Also. is there any testing I shall take at the current stage? Thanks so much for your attention.

A worried person
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You never had a risk for HIV as you used a condom for all insertive vaginal sex.

Oral sex CAN be a risk for other STD's and you should probably consider having an STD panel done. It is recommended that anyone who engages in oral sex have a full STD panel done every three months for prevention.

Your sore throat has NOTHING to do with HIV.
Thanks for the prompt reply. However I saw some other posts saying that the STD risk from oral sex is very low compare to vaginal sex. so I would like to know if my exposure to STD is high or low?

Anyway I would do a test but what time do u recommend me to attend the test? Thanks a lot.
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Hi.  This is the HIV forum.  To ask a question regarding STD's, if you haven't done so already, please post in the std forum.  


Thank you
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