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Window period of RNA HIV test

What is the window period of the RNA HIV test right now?

Some websites say 1-2 weeks but some researchers say it would take 5 weeks (but the research is posted nearly ten years ago)

I have unprotected sex with a prostitute on 17th July, i plan to have a RNA test on 1st August.
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i didn't say it is a stand-alone test, i am just say RNA is for diagnostic use.

"however, the APTIMA test has been approved for the diagnosis of primary HIV-1 infection, as well as for confirming HIV-1 infection when tests for antibodies to HIV-1 are positive.

Actually i am asking how long is the window period for RNA test.

Anti-body test is 3 months, not RNA.


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MOVE ON. You can't comprehend what you read and we are not going to argue with you over it. An RNA doesn't have a window period. It's a monitoring test. Anymore and you will be reported to MedHelp.
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RNA has a window period, it cannot detect HIV copies less than 40 copies/ml.

please report me, i dont know what i have done is wrong. I am just asking the actual window period of RNA test but you guys said it is 3 months and none.  
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Do you know what a viral load test is? Did you or did you not read what an RNA test is used for? It's a supplemental test, it's also a montoring test.  It cannot give you a conclusive test result by itself.  I get a PCR RNA every 3 months so don't try to tell me about RNA testing.
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You test RNA every 3 months and says RNA test does not have window period. But according to Public Health (http://www.metrokc.gov/health/APU/rna-testing/), it says 1-2 weeks. Again, i just asking the actual window period of RNA test.
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Stop arguing.  You posted like you wanted help, then you get the answers, and I guess don't like what you hear, so you answer your own question.
No more posting, or there will be a warning from MedHelp.
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