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Wish me luck

I'm going for my 5th wk test today. It will be my first test since my exposure in July. I can't believe I have the balls to do this today, but some how I do. Wish me luck, pray for me..etc.. I'm struggling not to freak myself out right now. Thanks guys.
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good luck bro. what was your exposure?
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Why 5 weeks?  You could just wait one more week and have more confidence in the result.  
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wait or 1 more week.
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Wait one more week.  It will be worth it for the extra confidence in the result (which I am sure will be negative).

Hang in there.
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I agree with peekawho and joecool21. Why not just wait one more week? I will be at 4 weeks on Wednesday and had thought about testing but decided it doesn't make any sense as I would need to get tested at the 6 week mark anyway and why bother with all the overtesting, etc.

I know it may seem difficult to get to that 6 week mark, but just take it one day at a time, find thing to keep you occupied, don't over analyze your body looking for a rash, etc or jump to conclusions if you feel something you haven't felt in awhile (i.e. pain, headache, etc).

I know it can be tough waiting, and the person I was with where I had my potential exposure, still calls me, but I haven't talked to him in about a week (long story but I told I just couldn't pursue a relationship with him). So of course whenever I look at my caller ID, I am reminded of him and the indcident, but I just delete it and move on.
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Best of luck, we pray for you.

Even iam going today for my 6th week test.
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The day I posted this anxiety kicked in rapidly, so I decided not to go. In response to the "wait one more week" comments, I agree. I should wait one more week so testing can give me a more accurate response. I really wanted to go today, but I know if I come back thinking I should have waited one more week then I won't feel any better about things. You guys are really supportive and I really appreciate your efforts, thanks a bunch.

My exposure happened 7/14. I'm a female CSW who made the insane mistake of sleeping with a man for 15 minutes without a condom. There was no finish, he never fully ejaculated, but I understand his pre ejaculate is enough to infect. To my knowledge, I haven't had symptoms but I know that doesn't matter.  He started off as a client, but by the end of the night we found a common bond and had "money-less" sex. I decided not to charge him, but anyways that's irrelevant. He's about 26 years old and in the army, and I know he had just been tested for HIV, but I don't know if he was in a window period when we had encounters. Despite how safe he looked or may have been,  fact is he had unprotected sex with me, and could have had unprotected sex with many others. I'm shocked by myself because I'm usually so freaking safe it's not funny, but this time I made a serious mistake. I haven't spoken to him since, but sometimes feel the urge to talk to him. I can only hope what happened effected him as much as it did me so he's safer in the future.

I'm told I'm low risk, but that doesn't really calm my nerves because I have a lot on the line. If he and I had just kept the condom on today would be a whole different situation.  I've read statistically CSW's have a low std rate because most of us recognize our profession is risky , therefore we use extra precaution. Now-a-days, I have extensive talks with my clients before we have sex.

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I relate to your post. I know how it feels to be part of a large risk group. There's no room for error, and we both made a pretty bad mistake. I think we'll be okay though. Well, I hope so anyways.
I don't have contact with the person I had sex with, but I do laundry next to his home once a week. I get tempted to go and talk to him but something tells me I'll get a door slammed in my face. I think I should speak to him, considering how serious the issue is, but that's easier said than done.
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Good luck. I think we had our exposure at the same time. I am also waiting another week, but am more anxious than apprehensive about taking my test. I wish you the best of luck, I know how stressfull it is. I am sure you are fine though.
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Well I am a male, but the risk to me was the same as you. About 2 more weeks and I can get tested. I guess the difference between you and me is that I had contact with the person I was with, and actually he called me today (yes I am gay if you haven't figured that out yet) and he asked how I was and if I had been tested yet. I told him no, I am waiting 2 more weeks to get an accurate result and his response was you will test fine, at least in regards to STD / HIV. I still don't take his word, but he asked me to call him after I get tested so I can give him the good news and invited me to his company picnic 2 weeks away (after my test). Everything he said to me has been encouraging, so to speak, but I still and always will consider his status unknown. I don't want to get ahead of myself but feel pretty good about getting tested and the results, but I am prepared for anything.

Anyway, let us know how things work out for you. Best of luck (not that you need it)!
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It sounds like you'll be ok, Marins. If he's this open to you right now then chances are he's willing to be honest about his std status.

Thanks for your support island, and Marins. good luck to both of you too.  
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I do the same work as you,well I work the internet and not the streets!
But I've learned a "trick" is a "trick" and he goes anywhere to get what he wants.
Sorry if I offended anyone,that's just the street talk.

But I am in the same boat as you,the condom broke almost two weeks ago with a client of mines.He was freaking out more than me,I couldn't tell if the semen was in me or not but I have four more weeks to go before I can be tested.

I'm loosing my freakin mind!!!!
But something tells me not too worry so much.
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