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Wondering about kaposi's sarcoma

I had a couple of encounters with someone a few months ago. I tested negative at 3 months, so i was not worried.

I was in the shower the other day, and found a dark spot on the inside of my thigh, about 1/4" long or so. There were other, freckle sized dark purple/black spots in the same area (inside of upper thighs, near genitals)

I actually scraped the skin where the large one was, and when the skin came off, there was very little bleeding, and the flash underneath was not discolored.

My question is could the possibly be KS? I know that I am probably crazy, but I figured I would ask. I had no early symptoms from early infection. So, like I said, I am probably crazy, but....
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hiv and ks are different things

you do not have hiv,,,and that the case of this forum

ks evolution dependens on many factor ,, its true there some kind of cofactor with hiv ,, but thats not the case of this forum
moreover some mediterranean etnics suffer ks more than others etc

whatever the case NOTHING to worry about

have a good day  
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