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Wondering about testing accuracy

Hi there.
I was stealthier by a guy. I was receptive bottom. I’m not sure if he ever penetrated me. There was no thrusting. I felt something warm and that’s when I turned around and saw he had taken off the condom. I don’t know his status. It was a random hookup.
I did RNA test at day 28, negative
I did the 4th gen duo combo lab blood test at day 30, negative
Are these results conclusive?
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" I’m not sure if he ever penetrated me." This part should make you sure.>  "There was no thrusting."
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Yes you’re right, based on my memory. Of course this is part of anxiety playing tricks on you. It’s like a 50/50 chance it happened
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This is an extreme level of anxiety for an event you don't even know occurred,   Even if you were penetrated for a couple of seconds, which you likely were not, that presents and extraordinarily low risk for HIV - and that's assuming he is HIV+, which is also unlikely, considering most people are not.  

Are you in West Africa? Was your partner a recent immigrant from West Africa? If not, your concerns about HIV-2 aren't rational.  

In any case, RNA tests also look for HIV-2, although it can sometimes miss those infections.  Fourth generation tests look for both HIV-1 and HIV-2 - but again, this is really a statistically astronomical unlikelihood unless you are in a West African nation.
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Thanks for letting me know.
You’re right I don’t know.
All I can remember is I felt something warm and that’s when I turned around. So I’m not sure if he started cuming inside of me and then pulled out. If that’s the case, that’s why I’m nervous. I live in the Middle East, and there’s a large population from Africa here - so I’m not sure of what his sexual history was. These are all the factors that make me nervous
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Your tests are accurate and conclusive.  You do not have HIV.
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Hello, thank you very much for responding
It’s conclusive for HIV 1 but not 2 right?
I can’t tell if the 4th gen test detects antigen for BOTH HIV 1 and 2… or if it’s only for HIV 1 plus antibodies to 1 & 2
If it’s only detecting antibodies for 2, then it should be six weeks to be conclusive, right?
And obviously the RNA only looked at HIV 1
Please let me know what you think
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