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Worried HIV infect

A few days ago, I rent a bicycle,when riding up, I felt a tingling feeling in my ass. Then I got off the bicycle and checked the seat. I didn't find the needle. But whan I back home,I found a small scratch hurt near my anus.The skin was scratched but there was no bleeding. Could I have AIDS if scratched by a HIV virus needle through my pants?
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If only the skin is damaged without bleeding, can the virus enter the body for blood exchange?
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No. This is what we call an irrational anxiety driven concern.  This couldn't happen or transmit HIV.  
Billions of people have had bleeding cuts rubbed against another person's in the lifetime of hiv but no kid on a playground got hiv and no grandmother got it from shaking hands with someone who had hiv. If it was as contagious as you fear, we would all have it. Besides you are just imagining the "hidden needle" so you didn't get pricked.
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The only ways people get HIV are to have unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse with penetration or to share INJECTIBLE needles that they inject with. This is very different than a needle stick which will not transmit the virus.  A needle poke would be something that was exposed to air and therefore, all virus is dead.  Furthermore, this doesn't happen. How would a syringe be on a bike that you didn't see?  Think about that. Your anxiety is running away from you. No risk but also most certainly never happened.
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I would class this as a "never event" as it wouldn't really happen in the real world. Lets point out individual things....

1) Syringes with needles are just too long to fit inside a bike saddle.
2) Even if it did, the syringe would need to be plunged.
3) Even if it was plunged the vast majority of people do not have HIV.
4) If it wasn't plunged the statistical rate of getting a HIV infection if it was positive would be around 0.03%.
5) Point 1 and 2 would not happen. It just wouldnt.

So no risk at all.
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I didn't find the needle, but I found a scratch without bleeding on the hip. If it's just a scratch on the epidermis, will it be infected when contacting the needle containing HIV?
It is not surprising that you couldn't find a needle, since there wasn't one. If the plunger of a needle is depressed quickly it hurts a lot so that didn't happen - the only way a needle spreads is if it is hollow and has been quickly shared and the syringe plunged so the FRAGILE virus inside doesn't have a chance to die - which even if you believe the silly idea that a needle was hiding on a bicycle seat and contacted you wasn't quickly shared.
sb  idea that a needle was hiding on a bicycle seat and contacted you, it wasn't quickly shared so can't infect.
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