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Worried I might have HIV. Can someone help assess the situation?

I am a 21 year old female and was sleeping with a guy for a while and I am unsure of his other sexual activity. I quit sleeping with him but over the past year i have noticed a few odd symptoms. I have developed eczema, and itchy skin, I occasionally have a low grade fever for days for no reason, I have had a few random swollen lymphnodes, yeast was found on my wet prep when I have never had a yeast infection before, and I just noticed a scalp on my scalp which is a skin condition associated with HIV. I also saw him this past weekend and he had some sort of rash on his back that appeared to be from yeast. I know this sounds random but there is a possibility that he was sleeping with drag queens in our area (no offense to drag queens, the risk just higher) I think I might possibly have OCD associated with this, and I just wanted feedback to see if my worry was valid or if I need to calm down. Thank you for the feedback.
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Did he use a condom and do vaginal or anal sex?
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Vaginal with no condom.
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If you were having protected sex then theres no need to worrry ,

Unprotected oral , either recieving or performing doesnt carry any risks of hiv.

If you had unprotected sex either vaginal or anal, then please get tested. Its the only way to know.

And no , no symptom is hiv specific. It could be due to plain anxiety.  
Please dont google symptoms.
Almost all of us have had these fake symptoms till we got our test results which were for almost all of us negative .

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Symptoms do not mean anything. HIV is only diagnosed with specific tests.

You are clearly paranoid, you are not a doctor to know whether you have swollen lymph glands. Yeast and skin infections are common, see your doctor about it.

Stop reading about symptoms on the internet and imagine them on to yourself. It's classic anxiety.

If you had unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse and it's been atleast 28 days from the last time you did that, get yourself tested with a IV/V generation of HIV test.

Oral sex and everything else pleasurable, is not a risk.
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