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Worried NURSE!!

Hi, About 6months ago, I had an exposure to HIV, the pt was HIV (+), I was drawing the pt's blood and the pull the butterfly needle back when i had finish filling the blood tubes. As i reached to throw the needle away it scratch my forearm. No bleeding was produced and the scratch was all superficial. I have had symptoms here and there, but i belive its form just any other bacterial infection. I had a 5 week negative HIV test. I been so worry, and am so scared to take another one. So how conclusive is a 5week negative HIV test. I been told that if were infected anti-bodies should had began to show @ 3-4wks after exposure!! PLS help!!
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You were never at risk. If you didn't jab the  needle in your vein you were not at risk.
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So how conclusive can you say my 5wk test was?
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I've also had a needle stick exposure, mine was in the shin area.
Symptoms are not a good indicator of infection.
This happened six months ago and you were tested 5 weeks ago (6 weeks /5 weeks) so your fine. I would advise test for hep a/b/c, just in case but probably not a concern right teak?

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Most show up pos @ 30 days/ the next set show up between 6-8 weeks and almost all @ 12 weeks. Sorry about misunderstanding that you stated that you tested negative 6 months ago @ the five week mark after you were exposed. You could test @ 12 weeks just to put yourself @ ease Buttenss22. I'm sure you will be hiv negative.
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You didn't have a risk and you didn't need to test. If you had a concern you would have taken your concern to the person that deals with occupational exposures. Or is that what you did and they told you, that you didn't have a risk?
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I have gotten tested for only Hep B/C and also had Hep b series done. Everthing on the bloodwork was Negative! Am just a lil freaked out!!!
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NO I didnt talk 2 anyone in occupational Ex. I think I just need to get enough guts to get tested and put my mind to ease! since that day I have been Overly stressed, and everything that happens to me (symptoms) I always think that i may have it!
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