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Worried about HIV risk

I had unprotected sex with a girl in a massage parlor in San Jose CA. She agreed after being very reluctant and I have been getting a usual massage from her for the past 6 years. It just this one time she agreed and we had condomless sex. After 3 days, I have body aches and slight fever and feeling viral-like symptoms. I am worried now about HIV exposure. What are my chances of contracting the virus and what testing should I do?
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Unprotected vaginal intercourse with an unknown partner in sex business would warrant an HIV test.

From a logical perspective, if your partner was reluctant to engage in unprotected intercourse, it's likely that she doesn't normally engage in such risks, there is a great probability that she is HIV negative.

Hypothetically speaking, if she is HIV positive, with a single act of unprotected vaginal intercourse your risk is low. It is usually seen in female to male transmission scenario, it takes more than one instance of such unprotected exposure for transmission of the virus.

Your best option is to stay calm, think rationally and take a test at 28 days from the date of your exposure with a Duo (HIV antibody & antigen combi) test. Stay off the internet to seek answers, the only way to know is to get tested. If this eases you, a large number of HIV experts that I have personally interacted with have agreed to the fact that they seldom see a positive male from one episode of unprotected vaginal intercourse.

Good luck.

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Mike, Thanks for taking time to reply and explaining in detail. I will take the Duo test after 28 days and be back on board. Thanks again.
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Was the condomless sex. oral, anal or vaginal?
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It was condomless vaginal.
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