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Worried about HIV

Years ago, I developed Molluscum Contagiosum. 6 months later it cleared up using Aldara.. I was surprised at how quickly it healed up, as I've heard that it can persist for a long time. Now the part about HIV, I read that people can take a MC infection as a sign that they are HIV positive. Also I read that if you are HIV positive, that MC is progressive, and does not clear up easily. I had a HIV test a while ago, but since then I have had some risky behaviour. Basically, what I am wondering is, if I were HIV positive then the MC wouldnt have cleared up so easily right? Also the MC lesions were very small, and I got them at the base of the shaft of my penis, where the condom did not fully protect.  I'm pretty sure I don't have HIV, especially because of teh MC resolving so well. Any input would be greatly appreciated.  
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MC is not a progression of HIV or is it related to HIV.
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What I meant was, I am worried that I have HIV in the first place. Since my MC cleared up so quickly, I was kind of thinking that means I don't have HIV. I heard that if youre HIV positive, MC will not go away. Thus, the MC going away so well must prove I'm HIV negative right ? I hope I made more sense that time. Its hard to explain what I mean.
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