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Worried about being HIV positive?

About a year ago I had more then one risky sexual exposure twice. Before that I got tested every time I had sex with a different partner. But this time I didn't. About 6 months later after I got tonsillitis. I was pretty sick for a few  weeks. Well that cleared up and I was good for a while...then I had a phase where my hair was falling out. It stressed me out like crazy! That stopped after a while...now i feel completely fine except I have a rash now. On my thighs...little bumps, not itchy, not even really that noticeable unless looked at closely and in the light. It wont go away and I don't know what it is? I am getting tested Tuesday. I know i should of been more responsible and got tested sooner but in the back of my mind I was to scared in case I was HIV positive. So any advice? or what do you think?
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first if u had unprotected vaginal anal shared iv drug users needles those are risky other than than its no risk
u can only know by testing if u had any of those
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you are not HIV +. post ur results after u have tested and I will tell you ' I told you so'
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I only had unprotected vaginal sex with two different men ( no three sum) just at different times (only sex one time with each) Just curious can your thyroid be effected if HIV positive? And I will def post my results...if anything i'm more paranoid and I have been one of the many who have worried my self sick though many different times that I "create" the symptoms in my head.  
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