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Worried about exposing hiv to child.

I am hiv positive with a undetectable viral load, last tested about 3 months ago. So, this is my situation, I irresponsibly left a used tampon utensil that I placed back inside the wrapper after usage on the floor of the bathroom and forgot about it. I have a 2 year old daughter who I found in the bathroom with the used tampon utensil (still in the wrapper) in her hand. I took it away, ask her did she put it inside her mouth and she said no. But, I am so worried, how about if she did put it in her mouth? what is her risk? Do I need to take her to the doctor to get PEP? Moments like this really get to me when I think about it? Please help!!!
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Not an HIV concern.
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Thanks for your feedback. I try best to be very careful. I just found this website today and it is very informative. I had a great doctor that I could really explain my concerns and he would tell me what it a risk but he retired a couple of years ago. I will try harder to be more conscious so I won't have these worries. thanks again.
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HIV is unable to remain active outside of the human body once exposed to air and drying,it therefore is no longer infectious.
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Thanks for the info
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