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Worried about exposure


I had protected (condom) vaginal sex with a sex worker. 30 min before the encounter, I shaved my pubic area and got shaving cuts on the base of my penis. Those cuts bled and didn't have time to heal in 30 min but I think they didn't bled during intercourse. The area of cuts wasn't covered by condom as they were on the base of the penis and those cuts certainly went into my partner's vagina, I assume. All over the internet I find all kinds of information. Mostly I find, that HIV can go through cuts if those cuts infect with infected body fluids. Am I at risk? I'm really scared if those cuts put me at risk as they were fresh and covered in vaginal fluids.
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Best to reread the advice and move on.
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No, you had no risk with protected sex even with shaving cuts at the base of your penis. The only risks are having unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles. Air inactivates the virus. Those cuts are exposed to air. Only the tip of your penis needs to be covered to protect you from HIV so, no risk
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Thanks for your response. I would not like to bother but could you elaborate a bit? A find a lot of sources thats say that HIV infection happens from HIV getting into urethra and/or underside of the foreskin or cuts and abrasions anywhere on the penis. All that contradictory info is very confusing.
hiv is a fragile virus and can only infect in the abovementioned ways. You can read anything on the internet. We rely on the opinion of expert docs. and don't pay attention to claims (most of them are theoretical that have never happened in 40 years of real life) or we will be here arguing all day.
I understand and respect your answers. I'm only concerned about the exposure of those cuts because they were inside the vagina and only exposed to air when pulling out. This was my only encounter that I can find any risk in. Would you recommend testing after this exposure or should I move on and forget about this?
Best to reread the advice and move on.
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