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Worried about getting HIV

Hey guys please help im really panicking about the following:

I met a guy today gave him oral for about 4 minutes then he rubbed his dick between my *** cheeks, there was no penetration just frottage, he then claimed to have cum. I immediately went to the toilet and wiped my ***, and could only see lube not cum. Am i at much risk of hiv from this, i stress that it was NOT penetrative, and to be honest i think he faked cumming as i did not see any cum when wiping and did not feel him cum and he was only frottaging for a minute or so.

P.S. (I have no history of sex with men before this)
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Hey there.

Good work for checking but you have certainly had no risk of HIV from what you have described.

Unprotected Anal / Vaginal sex is how HIV is spread sexually, always yes a Condom for sex and you will not have a worry.

Best Wishes

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Thank you for your reply. I have been very worried about this as I had a hot flush in the middle of the night which have me a panic attack, I have been worried that this could be hiv.

However I have been coming down with a cold so I am hoping it's just a fever. I would really appreciate it if you could just confirm that my hot flush last night is not related to the incident described above which happened 8 hours prior.
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Hi there.

You did not have a risk of HIV buddy.....

Your symptoms are irrelevant and nothing to do with HIV in the slightest.

Best wishes

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